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What you could be doing now

by Sarah - September 1st, 2009.
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Picking the raspberries that are ripening now. Watch out for the damsons ripening up – they make good jam although it takes effort to stone them!

Green Manure : Fast Growing Soil Conditioner (Seeds) You could grow some of this and put it on bare soil where you’ve removed a crop recently. It grows quickly and covers the soil and is then dug in to provide organic material!

Sow Winter Jem lettuce now – Lettuce : Winter Gem (January-May) (Seeds)
Little Gem Cos for sowing from September to January and for growing in a unheated greenhouse or in a cold frame for overwinter production (not suitable for growing outdoors).
Try a new broccoli! Brassica : Petit Posy Mix™ (Seeds)nteresting British breeding, a cross between the Kale and Brussels Sprouts species producing ‘rosettes’ of loose frilly edged buttons on a long stalk, in purples, greens and bicoloured leaves. Quite pretty really!

New TY&M exclusive!
Onion : Supasweet™ (Dulcinea) F1 Hybrid (Seeds)
The large semi-globe, copper-skinned bulbs of Onion Supasweet™ are so sweet and juicy they can be eaten raw providing you with a full range of health benefits including vitamin C and the antioxidant, quercetin. Not one for long storage but good for eating and will be lovely in salads!