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Shed security tips

by Sarah - September 3rd, 2009.
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As well as checking if your shed’s contents are insured you should take the following measures to reduce the risk of your shed being broken into.

Shed Security Tips

Padlocks: Buy and remember to always put it back on a good quality Hasp &
Staple with a padlock is important on all sheds and side doors to garages.

Screw Heads: Glue smeared over the heads of screws in the external hinges of
shed doors or the side door of a garage may stop a thief from simply unscrewing
them. You can also replace the screws in external hinges with a special type
that cannot be unscrewed.

Windows: When your door is secure, don’t forget the windows. Perhaps
the most effective way of securing a shed window is to fit internal bars or
grilles. Fit a curtain to stop people seeing inside to see what’s in there –
avoid temptation!

Alarms: Battery or mains powered shed alarms are now cheaply available. A ringing
alarm draws too much attention!

Lawn Mowers: Lawn Mowers etc can cease to be attractive to a thief if you paint
your Postcode and House Number across the top with house paint.

Garden Tools: For items like Garden Vacuums and Jet Washers etc use a bicycle
lock to secure them to something inside the shed. Plus painting on your postcode and house number can really help deter people and help the police return items that get found!

Bikes: Always lock cycles to something fixed or bulky while in the shed or
garage. (e.g. the ladders or workbench) and have them postcoded. Sometimes some
cycle dealers provide this service for a small charge. Alternatively contact
your local police station for advice as some run bike marking events.

Don’t leave tools in your garden like spades, ladders etc, for the burglar
to pick up. Ask your neighbours not to do so either. Secure tools away.. Burglars
don’t often carry tools but simply use items left lying

You can buy a simple shed alarm from Wickes – Wickes – Security and Alarms – Alarms – Shed and Garage Alarm – this will keep your shed safe and is Battery-operated!