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Price reductions at Gardening Direct

by Sarah - September 4th, 2009.
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Reduced items at Gardening Direct

Viola Scent-Sation
Viola Scent-Sation was £7.99 now £5.59
As the name suggests, in addition to the fantastic array of bright yellow coloured flowers this new addition to the range produces an amazingly strong scent. Fantastic flowers and amazing scent mean great value.

Pansy Joker Mix
Pansy Joker Mix was £8.50 now £5.95
Joker Mix is certain to cheer you up even on the dreariest of days with its award winning mix (Fleuroselect Gold Medal ) of flamboyant bi and tri colour flowers that seem to grin at you like a crowd of happy smiling faces! Super hardy and equally at home in a border or container.
Viola Jester Mix
Viola Jester Mix was £9.99 now £5.99
This bright harlequin style colourful mix will add a jolly sense of interest to the front of garden borders and all types of container from autumn through to spring. Plant it in sun or partial shade for an instant colour boost.
Pansy Winter Sun
Pansy Winter Sun was £9.99 now £5.99
A selection of the brightest yellows and whites we could find make this a really eye catching mix of pansies. New to our range we would highly recommend this as a perfect plant for spring planters and even hanging baskets.
Viola Meteor
Viola Meteor was £9.99 now £5.99
Viola, Meteor is a compact and robust form perfectly suited for hanging baskets and window boxes. Don't be deceived by its delicate looks, it is fully hardy and its flowers can take a hammering and still reward you with a dazzling shower of yellow from autumn through to spring. Looks wonderful scrambling around and through other potted plants as well!
Viola Avalanche Mixed
Viola Avalanche Mixed was £10.99 now £6.59
A fantastic combination of colours Viola, Avalanche Mix produces masses of mixed colour dainty little flowers each with a rather comical expression! Long flowering from September to spring. The perfect choice for year round colour for your hanging baskets, window boxes or wall mounted containers.
Pansy Giant Colourburst
Pansy Giant Colourburst was £9.99 now £6.99
At up to 12cm in diameter these apply named 'GIANTS' of the pansy world are a winner where smaller plants just wont do! A fantastic range of colours for autumn and winter in bed, border or container.
Pansy Purple and Orange
Pansy Purple and Orange was £9.99 now £6.99
This is one of the most striking and dramatic bi colour pansies for late winter and spring interest. Looks particularly good in containers.
Viola Avalanche Bronze Lavender Wing
Viola Avalanche Bronze Lavender Wing was £9.99 now £6.99
Turn window boxes and hanging baskets into talking points with the striking deep bronze and rich lavender flowers of this charming viola. Its slightly tumbling habit adds to its charms. Perfect on its own, or use it to highlight dark leaved feature plants.