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Price reductions at Gardening Direct

by Sarah - September 19th, 2009.
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Gardening Direct has cut the price of these items

Viola Valentino
Viola Valentino was £8.99 now £5.39
One of our favourite new varieties for this season these delicate red and white flowers are produced in large numbers by these compact plants. Bred so that the flowers are held well clear of the foliage and facing upwards you will get a real show for this great new viola.

Pansy Goliath Peach Shades
Pansy Goliath Peach Shades was £8.99 now £5.39
If you like your flowers big than this is the pansy for you. Amazing large flowers in fantastic shades of orange and yellow that will really brighten up your garden. Unlike other companies we choose our plants on garden performance not how well they perform in the garden centre so you can be sure this new variety will give you a great show.
Pansy Morpheus
Pansy Morpheus was £8.99 now £5.39
Nothing else looks like Morpheus. This amazing new variety combines a bright yellow with light blue and cats whisker markings. All this colour on flowers that are held high above deep green foliage ensuring you can see the colourful display.
Primrose Bellissima Mixed
Primrose Bellissima Mixed was £8.99 now £5.39
Bellissima Mixed is a joy to behold; like staring into a kaleidoscope with its charming tricoloured flowers radiating perfection! It makes a magnificent spring display in all containers, hanging baskets, and mass planted in borders large or small! We love it.
Primrose Spring Frost
Primrose Spring Frost was £8.99 now £5.39
Primrose, Spring Frost, a marker that signals that spring is just around the corner with its cool blues and touch of icy white; it makes a real impact from early spring. Traditionally mass planted in borders with early flowering daffodils such as 'February Gold' for a truly amazing show this combo is equally good on a smaller scale in containers.
Pansy Panola White
Pansy Panola White was £8.99 now £5.39
Amazing new pansy with fantastic flowers and hardy down to -23°C. These medium-flowered pansies hold up better in the winter months than other varieties when rain and snow tend to beat down lesser plants because the petals are smaller and thicker. For best performance space in beds and borders every 15cm. Will flourish in sun or shade, plant in early Spring or Autumn.
Wallflower Horizon Mix
Wallflower Horizon Mix was £8.99 now £5.39
We are so pleased to offer this stunning early flowering F1 variety, British bred for our weather! Making it very hardy, free flowering and richly scented. Wallflower Horizon Mix is a future cottage classic! Flowers in April to May looks at home in any garden big or small, border or container.
Primrose Lemon Sherbet Mix
Primrose Lemon Sherbet Mix was £8.99 now £5.39
Lemon Sorbet Mix offers a hint of the coming spring with its zingy flowers which start to show before the years end. Looks incredibly natural and effective, mass planted in open areas between shrubs in association with tulips and daffodils.
Wallflower Sunset Mix
Wallflower Sunset Mix was £8.99 now £5.39
The clue is in the name! Wallflower Sunset Mix is a captivating mix of hot tones inspired by the colours of a spring sunset, a celebration of the hot summer evenings to come we hope! A robust British bred F1 hybrid that thrives in our growing conditions and will flower in partial shade. To top this it is also highly scented.