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Best4plants offers

by Sarah - September 26th, 2009.
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Great prices and FREE delivery on all orders over £50.
Specialists in shrubs, herbaceous perennials, grasses, bamboo, ferns, climbers, roses, azaleas, rhododendrons, trees and hedging. This is the place to look for structural plants that add height and body to your garden. Their range of colourful shrubs and flowering bushses is impressive and you can search or browse through their special offers section which has some good price reductions.
Best 4 Plants has a massive range of hedging plants
They even have a mystery plant finder help option where you can upload a photo of a plant you’ve seen and they’ll do their best to identify it. This is really useful if you visit lots of gardens and take photos of the plants you like.
The Best4plants website has a top 10 of plants on – currently a top seller is their Berberis thunbergii ‘Barberry’. This is only £4.89 and is an arching dense shrub with oval pale to mid green leaves that turn brilliant red in autumn. Small pale yellow flowers with egg shaped red fruits – Great for hedges.
When you view plants you see similar types shown underneath for comparison and giving you inspiration.
It’s an easy to use website that has some good offers on so is well worth a look especially if you’re after hedging plants where they have many types of Box, Yew and Privets as well as the lovely Laurel and many other interesting plants suitable for hedging that you might not have considered!