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Allotment update

by Sarah - September 27th, 2009.
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Have had a busy week and not got down to the allotment as much as I wanted to. Have pulled a few weeds, picked lots of runner beans, some more raspberries and some tomatoes and a huge courgette.
I’m going to pass on some runner beans to a neighbour near me who adores them but the slugs got all but one of his plants this year so he’s not got as many as he wanted!
I’ve frozen the raspberries. I’m going to make jam with them soon – I think I’ve got a couple of pound of fruit now. Some lovely big berries picked tonight.
The nights are now getting dark early! It was nearly dark at 7pm when we left the allotment site.
Must get down during this week to pay for a load of manure and get some of the weeds dug up!