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New products at Gardening Direct

by Sarah - October 17th, 2009.
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Gardening Direct added hundreds of new items

Summer Veg Collection
Summer Veg Collection £44.99
The perfect starter veg collection. Includes: 5 Courgette Defender, 5 Sweet Pepper Redskin, 21 Lettuce, 5 Pea Onward, 10 Onion Bedfordshire Champion, 5 Cabbage Kilaton, 5 Spinach, 5 Cauliflower, 5 Broccoli, 5 Leek Oarsman.

Salad Collection
Salad Collection £29.99
For a fantastic salad harvest. Includes: 10 Spring Onion White Lisbon, 21 Lettuce Cut and Come Again, 10 Dwarf French Bean Tender Green, 5 Tomato Moneymaker, 5 Cucumber Tasty Green, 10 Celery.
Patio Collection 1
Patio Collection 1 £25.99
If you only have a small garden or balcony don’t be put off growing vegetables. It is amazing how easy it is to grow in containers and how much can be produced! We have carefully selected a fabulous range of easy to grow salad varieties that will provide you with fresh salad all summer long. Includes: 21 Mixed lettuce, 21 Spring Onion White Lisbon, 21 Rocket, 5 Tumbling Tom Red, 21 Ruby Chard, 5 Cucumber Tasty Green.
Autumn Planting - Early Season Trio
Autumn Planting – Early Season Trio £23.99
Three of the best perfroming early season varieties we could find: 12 x Cabbage Durham Early – perfect for making salads, coleslaw or cooking, 12 x Cabbage Spring Hero – tasty and reliable, good for stews or salads and 6 x Broad Bean Aquadulce – easy to grow, produces a reliable high yield of delicious broad beans. All three will arrive separately at just the right time for planting out, the Cabbages will arrive in October and the Broad Bean in November. These easy-to-grow veg can be planted out as soon as they arrive, no protection from frost is needed – simply plant them and look forward to a delicious crop of tasty and nutritious veg early the following Spring.
Potato Successional Collection
Potato Successional Collection £19.99
Potatoes for every season! Our successional collection enables you to harvest potatoes from Spring right through to late Autumn. Kit includes: 5 Pentland Javelin (First Early) 5 Carlingford (Second Early) and 5 King Edward (Main Crop) plus 3 grow bags.
Strawberry Hanging Basket Kit
Strawberry Hanging Basket Kit £15.99
If you ever thought ‘Growing Your Own’ might be too much work then think again! Create your own wonderful Strawberry hanging baskets the easy way – with this fantastic kit! Containing everything you need to make a perfect Strawberry basket, you’ll find it’s a complete doddle! Kit includes: 10 Strawberry plants, 1 x 12in Top and Side Easi-Plant basket, 25 slow release plant food pellets and 20g Raingel. Don’t forget to watch our video ‘How to plant out a Strawberry hanging basket’ and you’ll see just how easy it is to do. Even if you’re a complete beginner this kit is guaranteed to give you a gorgeous suspended display of delicious Strawberries from June to September – you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!
Tulip Don Quihotte
Tulip Don Quihotte £11.99
This Triumph Tulip looks fantastic when mass planted in beds and borders, it has a classic shape with striking cherry pink flowers that appear from April.
Root Vegetable Collection
Root Vegetable Collection £10.99
Root vegetables extend the season of home grown veg well into the Autumn and many, once lifted, store for ages. This collection contains 8 Beetroot Crimson King, 8 Carrot Early Nantes, 8 Pasnip Tender and Sweet, 8 Turnip Snowball (32 plants total)
Tulip Sensual Touch
Tulip Sensual Touch £10.99
This rare and unusual tulip has to be seen to be believed! Its fiery red base is topped with fringed orange edges, the flowers are strong, resilient and will outlast most other tulips.


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