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Ideal World Garden Tools

by Sarah - October 22nd, 2009.
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Loads of fantastic garden products available online at
Ideal World
cyclamenSet of 4 Cyclamen in 11cm Pots – these are really pretty flowers that will flower all through the winter.
Set of 5 Oleanders in 14cm Pots – red, pink, white, cream, and yellow colour flowers.
Handy Blower & Vacuum for Garden – essential for light work of clearing those leaves!
Set of 6 Blueberries in 9cm Pots – grow your own delicious blueberries!
Canary Island Date Palm – Canariensis in 5 Litre pot.
3 Helleborus Niger – beautiful white flowers
Blood Fish and Bone Fertiliser
They sell loads of other stuff too:
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