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What’s been in your garden?

by Sarah - November 15th, 2009.
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What creatures do you get in your garden? We’ve had lots of wildlife in our garden over the year and it’s strange the things you take photos of. I’ve got photos of some pretty speckled slugs and of a jay!

Jay in garden

Jay in garden

If you haven’t already started feeding the birds then now is the time. Garden Bird have a great selection of food and feeders. I’ve discovered that stringing peanuts in a shell on a string I can tempt the Jay into the garden. If you’ve got squirrels then you might need to look at squirrel proof feeders as our local squirrel has learnt how to tip the seed out of the bird feeders!
You can give the birds lots of scraps too, from fat off meat, bread, potatoes (cooked) and biscuit and cake crumbs.

This is actually a leopard slug and is very different to the usual ones you might have in your garden.


Why not take a photo of the next wildlife that visits your garden?
We’ve had foxes sitting in the rare bits of sunshine we’ve had recently, lots of butterflies on the buddhlea and lots of lady birds appearing over the last few weeks, presumably coming into the house for somewhere warm to sleep for the winter!