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New products at Thompson and Morgan

by John - November 21st, 2009.
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New items today at Thompson & Morgan

Lime : Lime of Tahiti 1 plant in 5L pot
Lime : Lime of Tahiti 1 plant in 5L pot £49.99
Fantastic value! Not only does this lime tree produce stunning bright green, juicy limes, it also makes a truly attractive feature plant with its lush, aromatic leaves and beautifully fragrant blossom. Lime of Tahiti originates from the Mediterranean and is hardier than other limes making it ideal for growing in the UK in containers on the patio as well as in a conservatory. The lovely seedless limes are produced in abundance and if left on the tree will eventually turn yellow.

Orange : Bigaradier 1 plant in 5L pot
Orange : Bigaradier 1 plant in 5L pot £49.99
Imagine growing your own oranges at home! These attractive bushy trees are perfect for growing in patio containers or in the conservatory. The pretty white flowers of Orange Bigaradierare followed by lovely bright orange fruits similar to the Seville orange and are just as ideal for making delicious marmalade.
Propagator - Electric Windowsill Propagator Super 7 1 Super 7  Propagator plus £10 voucher
Propagator – Electric Windowsill Propagator Super 7 1 Super 7 Propagator plus £10 voucher £39.99
Made especially for windowsill growing, containing 7 mini seed raising trays and lids. Ideal for seed raising or taking cuttings. Constant gentle heat from a 15 watt element also creating a compost temperature of 19C costing pennies to run each day. Dimensions: 76cm x 18.5cm.
Mulberry : Charlton House 1 tree
Mulberry : Charlton House 1 tree £29.99
Morus nigra. The Charlton House Mulberry is said to be the oldest of its species in the country, and was originally planted in 1608 at the behest of Charles I. This attractive tree will make a stunning addition to any spacious garden with its large, heart-shaped, lush green leaves. The mulberry is a slow-growing, but long-lived tree and is capable of growing to 40ft (12m) in height and with a 50ft (15m) spread. Trees are slow to produce fruit, often taking up to six years, however when fully ripe, the berries are very dark red, almost black in colour with a juicy and very distinctive, sweet flavour. The fruit matures slowly during the summer months and ripens during August.
Apricot : Petit Muscat 1 tree
Apricot : Petit Muscat 1 tree £29.99
One of the tastiest apricots we’ve ever come across! A very unusual variety with an exquisite flavour, reminiscent of the Muscat Grape. The self-fertile trees of Apricot Petit Muscat will produce an abundance of juicy, sweet, walnut-sized fruit which is ready to pick from early August.
Cherry : Merton Glory 1 tree
Cherry : Merton Glory 1 tree £19.99
An exceptional and early-ripening cherry variety, Cherry Merton Glory produces large, yellow cherries, flushed with red, which will be ready for picking in late June. Attractive white flowers in April to May are followed by delicious ‘heart-shaped’ cherries with a firm white inner flesh and a succulent sweet flavour with a small stone. Requires Morello Cherry to assist with pollination.
Casseille 1 bush
Casseille 1 bush £19.99
This unusual variety is the result of a cross between a blackcurrant and a gooseberry which has produced a soft fruit with an amazingly delicious flavour. The leaves of Casseille look like those of a gooseberry whilst the fruit looks like ‘blackcurrant grapes’ or black hairless gooseberries. Each bush is capable of producing several kilos of fruit with a very sweet taste and a hint of tartness. These very fragrant fruits, rich in Vitamin C, make the ideal addition to a fresh fruit salad or a summer puddings. Self fertile and ready to pick from mid to end July.
Currant : Gloire de Sablon 1 plant
Currant : Gloire de Sablon 1 plant £19.99
These unusual currants are like no other! Rarely available in shops, their remarkable soft, translucent pink colour, coupled with their delightful fragrance, make them ideal for making intriguing jams or jelly. Currant Gloire de Sablon adds juicy, sweet flavour to a wide range of dishes, especially to a delicious and strikingly attractive summer pudding. These robust plants have good disease-resistance, and produce a heavy crop of berries from mid to late July.
Boysenberry 1 plant in 9cm pot
Boysenberry 1 plant in 9cm pot £12.99
Originating from the Knott’s Berry Farm in California, this hybrid berry is a cross between a blackberry, loganberry and raspberry and is very easy to grow. Round to oblong, reddish-purple fruits have a unique flavour that combine the tartness of good old-fashioned wild blackberries with a sweet hint of raspberry. Delicious used for bramble and apple jelly or pie fillings. Can also be eaten fresh. Ready to harvest July to September.