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Seeds for 2010 – Available now

by Sarah - November 26th, 2009.
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Seeds for next season are now available at Thompson and Morgan.
If you’re planning what you will be growing next year then it’s time to start looking.
There’s fantastic new collections of seeds designed to save you money!

2010 Collection Mixed Collection. New collection available for 2010

Thompson & Morgan’s selection of exciting new vegetable and flower varieties especially chosen for the NEW 2010 Collection.

Collection comprises one packet each of:
Runner Bean St George
Sweet Pea Heirloom Bicolour
Poppy Bridal White
Brussels Sprout Bitesize
Marigold Legion of Honour
Pea Maro

6 packets – 1 of each SAVE £3.65 £7.99

Bean : Broad Bean : Crimson Flowered – new

A heritage variety with stunning crimson flowers, followed by a good crop of short, upright pods and delicious beans. Broad Bean Crimson Flowered is ideal for growing in containers as well as in the garden, or as an ornamental edible in the flower border.
Description Price
1 packet (40 beans) £1.99

Other beans include: Climbing Bean : Pantheon, Dwarf Bean : Bellini, Dwarf Bean : Concador, Dwarf Runner Bean : Pickwick, Runner Bean : St George,

New brassicas include:
Brassica : Petit Posy Mix™

Interesting British breeding, a cross between the Kale and Brussels Sprouts species producing ‘rosettes’ of loose frilly edged buttons on a long stalk, in purples, greens and bicoloured leaves. The flavour of Brassica Petit Posy™ is akin to spring greens rather than Brussels sprouts. Stands in condition throughout the winter, very winter hardy.
Description Price
1 packet (30 seeds) £2.99

Plus Broccoli : Spiridon F1, Broccoli : Summer Purple, Brussels Sprout : Bitesize F1 Hybrid

Plenty of amazing vegetables to try next year plus loads of flowers too!