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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - November 28th, 2009.
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New products at Crocus

antique-copper-pot £119.99
Dimensions: 26cm high x 42cm diameter

livorno-citrus-pot £109.99
Dimensions: 54cm high x 60cm diameter
pienza-pot-large £109.99
Dimensions: 57cm high x 60cm diameter
siena-olive-pot £99.99
Dimensions: 54cm high x 60cm diameter
arezzo-pot £99.99
Dimensions: 57cm high x 60cm diameter
lucca-pot-large £89.99
Dimensions: 42cm high x 60cm diameter
large-traditional-terracotta-rhubarb-forcer £79.99
Rhubarb forcers have been around for years and still are as handy as ever. Traditionally used for winter cropping, they are wonderful objects in their own right and make attractive garden ornaments. This large traditional terracotta rhubarb forcer has a detachable lid, is frost resistant when raised on pot feet during the winter and measures 75cm tall with a 45cm diameter base.Dimensions: 75cm high x 45cm diameter
grow-light-garden £69.99
Two 60cm high efficiency 24W fluorescent bulbs housed in the canopy provide bright, full specturm lighting while using less electricity combined than a standard household light bulb. The eliminate annoying buzzing and ensure ‘no flicker’ start up. Each bulb lasts up to 10,000 hours and the unit is supplied with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. The canopy height is fully adjustable on the aluminium uprights, giving a maximum clearance height of 38cm from the bottom of the base tray. The unit is supplied complete with 4 quality growing trays. These trays feature 2 tier drainage cells and can be used time and again. This compact unit, in attractive black finish, is ideal for year round use on a kitchen worktop or side table. Simple home assembly take less than 30 minutes. Length: 62cm Width: 43.5cm Height: 43cm Power: 48 watt Also offered separately is a optional self watering tray insert for the grow light garden. This accessory offers a valuable long term water supply for a 4 growing trays. Plants draw water from the 3.4lt trayas required from the capillary table.
strawberry-planter £59.99
Dimensions: 60cm high x 45cm diameter