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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - December 10th, 2009.
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Lots of new products added today at Crocus

long-handled-stainless-steel-bulb-planter £49.99
One of the best and toughest bulb planters we have found it cuts a clean planting hole and removes the soil plug ready for dropping the bulb in to the hole. The bulb planter has a generous 7cm diameter, so is ideal for planting all sized bulbs and even has a handy depth guide on it too. The planter head and socket is made from stainless steel with an ash handle, and the entire planter measures 1m tall. Easy to use and great for even the toughest of soils.

haws-professional-longreach-watering-can £44.99
This is a top quality bit of kit. It is made from heavy gauge steel and has a hot dip galvanised zinc coating with a red colour finish, which will resist rust. It comes with a detachable, oval brass rose, which is fine enough to water seedlings without damaging them and the filter at the base of the spout will stop it getting clogged up. The long, angled neck makes it easy to direct the water exactly where you want it and it will also help prevent accidental spills. It has a 3.5lt capacity and when full is well balanced, so is easy to carry, especially when holding it with both the handles. Ideal for the gardener who wants the very best – it should last around 20 years or more.
vegetable-rack £39.99
This is how they stored the vegetables in the good, old days. And with good reason too: the slatted shelves allow the air to circulate and stop the produce ‘sweating’, keeping it fresher for longer. Still seen in corner shops today, our rack is really useful for onions, potatoes and all of those other vegetables that you cannot fit in the fridge!Dimensions: 61cm High
kettler-royal-garden-elegance-ascot-cushion £38.99
Cushion tailored to chair100% woven polyesterSpot washableComplies with relevant UK fire-retardant lawsTreated with ‘Dupont Teflon’ fabric protector guarding against damage from wet stains and dry soil
trio-top-propagator £31.99
While windowsills can often provide ideal light conditions for successful propagation, they can also be cool and draughty. This compact electric propagator is supplied with 3 high dome propagators – each 22.5cm long by 16.5cm wide. The propagator units are ideal for growing seeds in volume and particularly suited to larger cuttings. The heated base contains a 13 Watt carbon fibre element for even heat distribution. This unit is not thermostatically controlled and is designed to increase the ambient compost temperature by around 8 Centigrade.size – 76cm length x 18.5cm width x 19.5cm height
green-haws-watering-can £29.99
The slim, oval shape of this can makes it easier to carry closer to the body, so it is functional as well as stylish. The single handle that runs from the front to the back means that it is best used with two hands, however as it will only weigh around 6.4kg when full, it can be used single-handed if you have had your porridge for breakfast. It is made from heavy gauge steel with a hot dip zinc galvanised coating to resist rusting, has a 5lt capacity and it comes with a removable, oval brass rose. It also has a domed lid, which helps avoid spills when watering. The contemporary design gives this traditional watering can a modern twist.
italian-handmade-secateurs £29.99
A classic-shaped pair of secateurs hand-made in Italian with burgundy handles and a matching burgundy leather holster. The secateurs are a very stylish giftthat comes wrapped up in a lovely hessian bag.
solar-security-light-motion-activated £24.99
Save £25.00 off was £59.99A motion activated halogen security light that’s great for the garden, garage or driveway, and is fully adjustable and easy to install. The PIR motion detector can be adjusted for motion sensitivity so it won’t keep going off every time a small animal passes by! It produces a 20 second illumination with a 10m field of vision when its activated.Powered by a solar panel which charges the rechargeable battery, giving you up to 50 illuminations per night when fully charged on a sunny day. The solar panel has a 5m cable so can be sited in the best spot. The Unit is best situated under the eaves of the building to keep the unitdry. This solar security light comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and measures 25cm high and 15cm deep.
de-wit-corkscrew-weeder-long-t-grip-handle-fsc-timber £24.99
Simple weeder that removes the entire root. Screw into soil and remove root.The perfect weeder for tap root weeds such as dandelions and docks, in lawns or borders.Extract weeds entirely and with ease.Every De Wit garden tool is handmade in Holland; hand-forged from solid, top quality steel, shaped, sharpened and finally fitted with an oiled, solid ash wood handle of the finest quality.The Dutch are rightly regarded as makers of the finest gardening tools. The two best are Sneeboer and de Wit. Sneeboer were founded in 1913, but De Wit dates back to1898. The 4th generation of De Wits now run the business; one is a trained wood turner, the other trained as a blacksmith. Both Sneeboer and De Wit use traditional techniques, but different materials. Sneeboer use stainless steel and de Wit use carbon steel. Carbon Steel is naturally tougher than Stainless steel and is not prone to metal fatigue like Stainless Steel.De Wit burnish their steel. This not only helps to protect it for longer but gives it a patina that blackens it – just like traditional English tools from the Edwardian era.All De Wit tools have turned hardwood handles of oiled Ash. Ash is not only very strong but resists shock better than woods like oak or beech, which is why it is always used for Axe handles.The result is a beautiful tool to hold in the hand but rugged and durable.They feel so natural to use that they are like an extension of theperson that uses them. These tools will give you a lifetime of use, until you hand them on.


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