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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - December 11th, 2009.
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Crocus has these new items today

tomato-climbing-patio-planter £19.99
Climbing tomatoes can get really tall and bushy, but this planter is with this in mind. It is a good size, which will ensure your plants have plenty of room to develop a good root system and it comes with an easy to assemble climbing frame. This clever bit of kit, means that you can grow delicious climbing tomatoes on a balcony, patio or anywhere in the garden. Made from tough, red polyethylene for reusable and durable, they are durable, reusable, have reinforced drainage holes in the bottom and handles so they can easily be moved about. They will also come with a growing guide to ensure great results.Includes 1 planter, which measures 25cm high x 45cm wide.The support frame measures 110cm high x 35cm wide x 35cm wide x 35cm wide

joseph-bentley-traditional-stainless-steel-long-handled-trowel £19.99
The Traditional Range of garden tools has been inspired by the look, feel and quality of the tools offered in the early 1900’s. They are well crafted, manufactured with FSC Timber and Stainless Steel.
digital-max-min-thermometer-mercury-free £19.99
This environmentally friendly, minimum/maximum thermometer has two (non-mercury) scales, so you can clearly see the measurents in both centigrade and farenheit. The maxinum and minimum temperatures are also displayed digitally, with the option for the reading to be viewed in C or F. It is incredibly accurate, has a simple reset button and can be used both indoors and out.One AAA battery will be required, but this is not included.The thermometer measures 24.5cm tall and 6.25cm wide (or 9.5cm at its widest point when using the shade visor).
tomato-bush-and-trailing-patio-planters £14.99
Clever, space saving planters, which make it possible to grow bush and trailing tomato varieties on patios, balconies and small gardens. Made from tough, red polyethylene for reusable and durable, they are extra deep, which will encourage good root growth and subsequently plants which produce a bumper crop. Durable and reusable, they have reinforced drainage holes in the bottom and handles so they can easily be moved about. They will also come with a growing guide to ensure great results.Includes 1 planter, which measures 45cm high x 35cm wide.
vegetable-patio-planter £14.99
The planters have been specially designed for use on patios, balconies and in small gardens, where there’s not enough room for a vegetable patch. Each pack of vegetable patio planters contains three planters of different depths to medium and shallow – to accomodate different types of vegetable and salad plants. They are accompanied by a detailed growing guide that includes a list of varieties suitable for each container. For organic veggies, simply use organic compost and seed. Made from a tough, woven polyethylene, the vegetable patio planters come with reinforced drainage holes and handles on each side so they can be easily moved. With three in a pack, there’s plenty to go round. They are simple to use, re-usable and flat for easy, space-saving storage.Deep 45cm high x 35cmMedium 30cm high x 40cm wideShallow 25cm high x 45cm wide
strawberry-patio-planters £14.99
Reusable planters that can be stored flat in the shed when not in use, these fab planters are just what you need for growing strawberries or herbs on balcanies, terraces, or anywhere that space is a bit tight. They have a decorative trim around the top and eight planting pockets around the side so there is plenty of room for all your favourites. The handles make it very easy to turn them or move them and they come with useful tips and growing instructions.Each planter measures 45cm high x 35cm wide and they come in packs of 2
star jasmine
star jasmine £14.99
Position: full sunSoil: fertile, well-drained soilRate of growth: averageFlowering period: June to AugustFlower colour: white flowersOther features: very fragrant flowersHardiness: frost hardy (needs winter protection)An attractive woody, evergreen climber with rich, dark green leaves which turn bronze in winter. Clusters of fragrant, pure white flowers are produced from mid- to late summer. It is best grown against a warm, sunny wall in milder areas or in a greenhouse or conservatory in areas prone to severe frosts.Garden care: After flowering has finished prune back to fit the available space. In frost prone areas, grow in pots of loam-based potting compost, such as John Innes No2 and move to a frost-free spot in winter.
bearded iris
bearded iris £7.99
Position: full sun or partial shadeSoil: well-drained, moderately fertile soilRate of growth: averageFlowering period: May and JuneHardiness: fully hardyThe sumptuous petals of this bearded iris are deep purple, which look almost black in certain lights. They have a brown beard and appear in early summer on upright stems above the sword-shaped, grey-green leaves. Plant in big swathes for maximum impact, or mix it in smaller clumps in a sunny, well-drained border among other perennials. A tall variety that will need staking if planted in exposed positions.Garden care: Bearded irises prefer full sun and neutral-alkaline soil, but if you have acidic or peaty soils you can top-dress with lime before planting for good results. Plant shallowly with the upper part of the rhizome sitting on the surface of the soil, incorporating a low nitrogen fertiliser in the planting hole. After planting remove the upper-most third of the leaves to protect against wind-rock. In exposed areas stake with bamboo canes in early spring. Divide and replant about every three years.
barrenwort £6.49
Position: partial shadeSoil: humus-rich, moist, well-drained soilRate of growth: slow-growingFlowering period: April to MayHardiness: fully hardyPretty and versatile with distinctive, heart-shaped leaves and a spreading habit, epimediums bring lightness and airiness to a shady border. The leaves of this variety are semi-evergreen and flushed with bronze in spring and autumn. In spring, it has masses of tiny, bell-shaped pure white flowers with long spurs, held on wiry, red-tinted stems. A perfect groundcover plant to lighten up shady areas or for planting en masse under deciduous trees.Garden care: In early spring remove dead and damaged leaves before the flowers appear and apply a thick mulch of compost or well-rotted compost around the crown of the plant. Lift and divide large clumps in autumn