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Price reductions at Thompson and Morgan

by John - January 5th, 2010.
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Reduced items at Thompson & Morgan

Ranunculus Purple 50 corms
Ranunculus Purple 50 corms was £10.00 now £8.00
Persian Buttercup Beautiful double rose-like blooms in vivid purple, just beautiful! These Purple Ranunculus are ideal for borders or cutting. Save £££s compared to florist bought blooms. Bulb size: 5+ cm in circumference.

Oxalis triangularis - Burgundy Shamrock 15 corms
Oxalis triangularis – Burgundy Shamrock 15 corms was £10.00 now £8.00
A delightful container plant. The handsome foliage is rich burgundy-red with a summer display of pink flowers over large, shamrock-shaped leaves. No. 1 size bulbs supplied.
Peony - Tree Peony Hu Hong (Hu's Red) 1 bareroot plant
Peony – Tree Peony Hu Hong (Hu’s Red) 1 bareroot plant was £14.99 now £9.99
The peachy-pink, plump, double, scented blooms of Tree Peony Hu Hong are produced in crown or lotus shaped flowers. Flowering from late spring to early summer. There are very few plants that can compete with a tree peony in full bloom. A mature plant can boast in excess of a hundred flowers, and these can each be 25cm (10in) or more in diameter! Growing to 4 to 5 feet tall, these exceptional tree peonies will continue to bloom for a lifetime. Very frost hardy and resistant to disease.Supplied as high quality, 3 year old bareroot plants with 3-4 strong branches.
Begonia Organdy Mixed F1 42 plug plants
Begonia Organdy Mixed F1 42 plug plants was £13.99 now £9.99
A careful combination of a range of flower colours and types of foliage in bronze and green, Begonia Organdy Mixed creates a fantastic array of blooms that is a perfect display in the garden. Plants are drought and wet tolerant and thrive in all weather conditions. Superb in Flower Pouches™ baskets, beds and borders. Begonia Organdy Mixed produces a fantastic display of thousands of blooms on bronze and green foliage. Click here to see our video of Begonia Organdy
Delphinium New Zealand Hybrids 5 plants in 5cm pots
Delphinium New Zealand Hybrids 5 plants in 5cm pots was £12.99 now £9.99
Dazzling disease-resistant Delphiniums that have been specifically bred for exceptional perennial performance and are the result of 11 years’ breeding by a world specialist. The very best delphiniums that money can buy! Their strong flower spikes with colourful, evenly-spaced florets, make them a great cut flower, and they’re resistant to both powdery mildew and blackspot. T&M’s exclusive mixture offers bright blues, soft pinks and the purest whites. Height: 3-4 feet. Colour mix cannot be guaranteed.
Omphalodes Starry Eyes 3 jumbo plants
Omphalodes Starry Eyes 3 jumbo plants was £12.99 now £9.99
Lovely, versatile plant with a multitude of uses in the garden. The dense, low mounds of vivid, gentian-blue, starry blooms make an attractive addition to the woodland garden. They look particularly attractive next to soft yellow daffodils in spring. Omphalodes Starry Eyes also makes an excellent ground cover in shady areas and is equally useful in the rock garden, amongst shrubs and evergreens, as border edging or in containers and tubs. A real all-rounder! Height: 25-30cm (10-12 inches).
Silene Starburst™ 36 plug plants + 6 FREE
Silene Starburst™ 36 plug plants + 6 FREE was £11.99 now £9.99
Wow! Attractive bright red, starry 1 inch flowers explode like fireworks in late summer from this beautiful new border specimen. Height: 18-24 inches.
Strawberry : Irresistible (EM1294) 10 bareroot plants
Strawberry : Irresistible (EM1294) 10 bareroot plants was £10.99 now £9.99
In recent extensive commercial trials T&M found Irresistible had the best flavour out of all the strawberry varieties tasted. Vigorous dark green plants will produce glossy, good shaped large berries with a large calyx and an exceptional sweet and juicy flavour. Fruits stand well and grow well in the garden or in containers. Ready to harvest from June to early July. Suitable for growing in containers. Cropping times may be brought forward or extended if you are growing them in a greenhouse or polytunnel. ** Propagation prohibited. For home gardener use only. Further propagation of Strawberry Irresistible is forbidden without a license from Meiosis.
Geranium Black Rose 5 plants
Geranium Black Rose 5 plants was £10.99 now £9.99
We are delighted to bring you Geranium Black Rose. This extra special rosebud geranium, featuring masses of dainty flowers which resemble roses when they first bloom. Easy to grow, this trailing ‘Sybil’ type is a vigorous plant, with tremendous garden performance. Trailing 12-18 inches.