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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - January 13th, 2010.
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Unwins Seeds & Plants just added these new products

Courgette Golden Delight Seeds
Courgette Golden Delight Seeds £3.99
One of the most prolific of summer vegetables. The bushy plants bear abundant crops of tasty bright golden-yellow fruits over a long period. Pick them young and bursting with flavour.

Scabious Pinchushion Mixed Seeds
Scabious Pinchushion Mixed Seeds £1.99
Flowers are packed in dense heads on long wiry stems. Very attractive border plants in a range of blue and lavender colours they are perfect for cutting.
Wildflower Cowslip Seeds
Wildflower Cowslip Seeds £1.99
Delicate clusters of sweetly scented golden yellow flowers hang on erect stems above rosettes of mid-green leaves. Once a common sight in meadows but sadly now very rare in the wild Cowslips are perfect for a moist wildflower garden
Wallflower Blood Red Seeds
Wallflower Blood Red Seeds £1.99
A wondrous sight when planted en-masse. For spring and early summer colour the free branching plants produce many flowering stems with crimson velvety flowers and wonderful fragrance.