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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - January 14th, 2010.
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New products at Unwins Seeds & Plants

Tomato Berry Seeds
Tomato Berry Seeds £3.99
Be the first to try this brand new type of tomato. The tasty fruits look just like glossy strawberries! A real talking novelty when used in salads and cooking. Exceptionally sweet fruits are freely produced all summer long. Only from Unwins.

Lobelia Pendula Breezer Rose Seeds
Lobelia Pendula Breezer Rose Seeds £2.99
A lovely trailing Lobelia giving an impressive display in gardens and containers. The large flowers make it a perfect subject for pots and hanging baskets. Early flowering.
Lavender Spanish Eyes Seeds
Lavender Spanish Eyes Seeds £2.99
A Fast-growing Annual Lavender. Produces masses of bright sky blue blooms with soft ferny foliage. Provides a long lasting display from summer to autumn for containers or borders.
Marigold Marionette Seeds
Marigold Marionette Seeds £2.99
Marigolds are virtually indestructible as summer bedding performing well whatever the weather. This value for money mixture has pompon flowers in a wide range of colours and bicolours.
Penstemon Tubular Bells Rose
Penstemon Tubular Bells Rose £2.49
The rose pink and white bells are complemented by deep pink veining. Flowers are produced in abundance just a few weeks after sowing. Its basal branching habit ensures a good plant shape.
Pea Delikata (Mangetout) Seeds
Pea Delikata (Mangetout) Seeds £2.49
At last a mangetout pea which produces a delicious crop of conventional peas even when the pods are “past it” for mangetout purposes! Lightly steamed or boiled mangetout peas can turn a meal into a feast but they are just as easy to grow as any other peas. A welcome addition to summer salads when cooked and served still warm.
Marigold Cream Crakcer (African) Seeds
Marigold Cream Crakcer (African) Seeds £2.49
An unusual cream variety enhances this high quality mixture. Cream Cracker flowers all summer. The strong growing plants will display large showy blooms in cream gold and shades of orange. Excellent value for a quality mix that will not disappoint.
Orlaya White Lace Flower Seeds
Orlaya White Lace Flower Seeds £2.49
This is a versatile annual which looks good in borders or containers. Its open airy appearance gives it a desirable ‘see through’ quality prized by many gardeners Attractive ferny foliage gives it even more appeal.
Marigold Tiger Eyes (French) Seeds
Marigold Tiger Eyes (French) Seeds £1.99
No other French Marigold is quite like Tiger Eyes with its central orange crest and circle of mahogany petals. Plants stay neat and compact.