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New products at Unwins Seeds and Plants

by Sarah - January 15th, 2010.
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Unwins Seeds & Plants just added these new products

Radish Mantanghong Seeds
Radish Mantanghong Seeds £3.99
Outer skin is greenish and white with bright magenta flesh and is crisp with a mild sweet and slightly nutty taste. They will survive all but the hardest frosts. Good for salads and the large roots can also be served as a winter vegetable.

Busy Lizzie Jambalaya Blue Bayou Mix Seeds
Busy Lizzie Jambalaya Blue Bayou Mix Seeds £3.99
Plants have a very compact densely branched habit which doesn’t get leggy. Beautiful large flowers spread to give a solid canopy of colour all summer long.
Onion Sets: Hytech (Heat Prepared)
Onion Sets: Hytech (Heat Prepared) £3.95
Bolt resistant variety producing uniform firm round onions. These have a superb slightly sweet flavour making them ideal for eating either raw or cooked. Good skin set makes this one ideal for long term storage.
Melon Bardot Seeds
Melon Bardot Seeds £2.99
An early maturing Galia type suitable for outdoor and greenhouse growing. Round fruits have orange-yellow netted rind. Flesh is light greensweet and aromatic. Gives excellent yields.
Pea Sugar Sugar Flash Seeds
Pea Sugar Sugar Flash Seeds £2.99
The tender pods are sweet and succulent. Plants have excellent disease resistance with good pod set producing high yields of tasty pods.