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by Sarah - January 17th, 2010.
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Flymo shredder


Gardening Direct – Flymo 2500w Electric Garden Shredder
When the snow has all melted you’ve probably noticed that your garden is looking a little untidy. The snow always makes your garden look neat and smooth but unfortunately the weight of snow can damage plants and there will be some pruning to do soon.
Many plants need pruning in the spring including autumn fruiting raspberries as do Buddleia, Dianthus and Campanula. There will be many plants in your own garden that will benefit from a spring pruning. But what to do with the trimmings? You can piles them up in the compost as is, but they take longer to break down. The best solution is to shred them and this is where you’ll find having a shredder incredibly useful. They can quickly turn a huge pile of sticks into a much more manageable pile of material ready to compost.
Shredded material breaks down much quicker and is much sooner back on the garden returning nutrients and acting as a mulch.

There are a variety of shredders out there and this Flymo one has everything you need. It’s got a powerful motor and a 62 litre capacity collection container. It’s a good investment that you will use year after year for both spring and autumn pruning.

impact shredder


If you’re after something cheaper, Gardening Direct also do a Handy Impact Shredder which is about half the price of the bigger flymo shredder. It also takes up to 40mm branches. It has a slightly less powerful motor at 2400w. This should still manage your shreddings though. It doesn’t fold down, nor does it have wheels like the more expensive shredder, but if you’re looking to save money then it’s a great option too. Check out this Gardening Direct Impact Shredder also at gardening direct.