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Price reductions at Dobies

by Sarah - January 19th, 2010.
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Reduced price on items today at Dobies

In-Flower Planters (Small)
In-Flower Planters (Small) was £4.00 now £1.50
WAS £7.50. NOW £1.50. SAVE £6.00! No matter how carefully you plan your borders, as bulbs and perennials go over, you will always be left with ‘holes’. But using in-flower planters you simply lift out and replace plants that are past their best! Made from 99% recycled plastic, they are strong and long-lasting. The unique design allows water to penetrate, but contains plant roots for minimal distrubance, and has handles for easy lifting. Available in two sizes: Small: Base 14cm (5½”), top 23cm (9″), height 10cm (4″); c.3.5 litres. Large: Base 14cm (5½”), top 30cm (12″), height 20cm (8″); c.10 litres.

Basket Jacket
Basket Jacket was £3.95 now £1.95
Protect hanging baskets from frost and cold winds with a fleece Jacket, allowing them to be put outside earlier in the season. Simply pull up around the basket and pull the drawstring to hold in place. Suitable for all baskets up to 40cm (16″) diameter. Size 79cm (31″) x 81cm (32″). 1 jacket per pack. WAS £3.95, NOW £1.95, SAVE £2.00!
Slug and Snail Gizmo
Slug and Snail Gizmo was £7.95 now £3.95
Was £12.95 now £3.95, SAVE £9.00! The lightweight rust-proof aluminium ‘Gizmo’, with its perfectly sized collection cup, allows you to quickly and easily gather up slugs and snails without having to bend, kneel, or touch them (and without resorting to harmful chemicals). What’s more it features a detachable, adjustable flashlight (requires two 1.5 AA batteries, not included) so you can collect them at night when they come out to feast on your plants! Shaft length approximately 90cm (3′).
Swivel Head Grass Shears
Swivel Head Grass Shears was £19.95 now £9.95
Was £19.95 now £9.95, SAVE £10.00!At less than andpound10.00 and with their many excellent features, these Gardena shears are a snip! Lightweight, and with blades that swivel by up to 90