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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - January 22nd, 2010.
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New items at Crocus

sterling-silver-vine-ring-natural-finish £109.99
The ‘Vine’ Rings are all hand wound and finished. This gives them their own individual and organic character. They come in three sizes. Through wear the rings will burnish and develop high lights. They are made from Sterling Silver wire. As they are not a solid band the skin is able to breath making them very comfortable to wear.Size Guide -Size Guide – Small (J to L), Medium (M to O), Large (P and Q)This is an industry standard method for ring sizing – if you do not know your ring size any jeweller will be able to measure your ring size for you. The sizing should take into account that the rings are an average of 15mm in width therefore your required size should be slightly larger than that of a narrow band.

wheelbarrow-britannia-easilift-wheelbarrow £34.99
This tough and versatile wheelbarrow has a generous (3cu.ft) capacity, a strong steel frame with a powder coated finish and a pneumatic tyre, which makes it very easy to move about. The easy-grip handles are the icing on the cake.
spinach - organic
spinach – organic £1.99
Position: full sunSoil: fertile and moisture retentiveRate of growth: fastHardiness: hardyA popular ingredient in mixed salads, the dark green leaves of this variety can be picked young and eaten rawas ‘baby leaves’, or left to fully mature and cooked as normal before eaten. This one shows good mildew tolerance.Growing Instructions:Sow thinly from March to July outdoors, in well prepared soil, in either narrow or broad drills, 13mm deep and 30cm apart. Suitable for sowing throughout the year, and it can also be sown in September to October under glass. Thin the seedlings to 5cm apart for ‘baby leaves’ and 10cm for larger plants, and keep them well watered to avoid bolting (running to seed). You can enjoy the crop from May to September outdoors, or November onwards if grown under glass.
coriander - organic
coriander – organic £1.99
Position: full sunSoil: fertile, moist but well drainedRate of growth: fastHardiness: hardy A quick growing, aromatic annual that is widely used in Middle Eastern, Mediterranean or Indian cooking. All parts of the plant are edible, but it is primarily grown for the freshleaves and dried seeds.Growing Instructions:Sow in March to August outdoors, directly into a well prepared soil in full sun. Sow thinly 13mm deep, in rows 30cm apart, and thin the seedlings to 23cm apart when large enough to handle and you will be able to start cropping from May. Alternatively you can sow them indoors in pots on a sunny windowsill for fresh leaves virtually all year round. The plants can quickly run to flower if they are not kept watered, and regular sowings are required for a constant supply.