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Spring bulbs in your garden

by Sarah - January 27th, 2010.
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We are so used to the myriads of flowers available in florists all year round, but sometimes we forget what English flowers are available during the spring.

The first flowers of the year are usually snowdrops, these brave little tiny white flowers pushed through in the coldest months. They unlike many other bulb flowers need to be bought “in the Green”. This means buying them whilst they still have stems. Virtually all of the bulb plants can be bought as just bulbs. It does take some planning to get the bulbs planted and in the grounds early enough for them to have a good flowering season. However once they are in there they stay. It takes many years before the bulbs become overcrowded and may require some help.

A sign that bulbs or overcrowded is when they don’t flowers much, and they have a lot of leaf overlarge compact area but very few flowers. If this happens to bulbs, then you should dig them up and separate them out. Replant them in much smaller groups. You may find you have lots of bulb should cannot use, pass this on to neighbours and friends. Do not find compost bulbs, as some of the more persistent full disclosure in your compost bin.

Daffodils are one of the flowers that indicate spring to most people. Their cheery bright heads of joyful, and will bring cheer and brightness to all gardens. There are a huge number of righties with different types of head, different colours of petal, and different sized flowers. There are tiny flowers are very cute, these look great in pots. There are ruffled varieties that have many flowers of tightly contacted petals. The colours vary from palest yellows to bright orange almost red colours.

Most bulbs need to be left until the foliage has died down. A sprinkling of general fertiliser once a year can help these plants. Some bulbs like tulips should be dug up and stored, to be replanted later again. Bluebells are very pretty and probably one of the most dominant bulbs you can buy. Once you have bluebells in your garden will always have bluebells in your garden. They seem to grow quickly and spread widely. They are however incredibly pretty and if inter-planted with other things your garden will look lovely all year round.