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New products at Thompson and Morgan

by John - February 5th, 2010.
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Thompson & Morgan added loads of new products

Impatiens Fiesta™ Mixed 32 plants
Impatiens Fiesta™ Mixed 32 plants £24.99
Busy Lizzie Fiesta™ Mixed has sensational, double rosebud blooms in a festival of sparkling colours. This new strain is cutting-raised to guarantee maximum floral impact from its 1½ to 2 inch blooms right through the summer until first frosts. Peat free. Height: 9-12 inches. Protected by Plant Breeder’s Rights – propagation prohibited.

Geranium Lilly 12 plants + 6 FREE
Geranium Lilly 12 plants + 6 FREE £18.99
Baskets, patio containers and window boxes just aren’t complete without these Geraniums. Their beautifully flowing habit offers lashings of vibrant colour throughout the summer months.
Magnolia Standard 1 standard plant
Magnolia Standard 1 standard plant £17.99
Grow a magnificent patio display with this stunning pink magnolia. Try in a mixed border too.
Fuchsia Beckie-Lou 1 Pillar Pack
Fuchsia Beckie-Lou 1 Pillar Pack £17.99
Hardy Fuchsia Beckie-Lou is a new fuchsia with a classic look! One of the most floriferous fuchsias we have seen on our travels recently! We were astounded by the number of flowers, and over such a long period. Hardy too, so can be enjoyed each and every year. This extra special variety is named after two girls, Rebecca and Lucy Hassell, who died in a road crash, as a result of road-rage, in October 2005. The variety has been adopted by the Charity Road Peace. Donation to Road Peace charity for every pack sold – Click here to read more Pillar PacksFor this extra special display, you can grow your own column of colour with Fuchsia Beckie-Lou – thanks to our super value Pillar Pack! You will be supplied with a pack of 3 whips ready for growing on, plus 3 other plants for bushing out the base of the plant display. Full instructions will be supplied with your order. Standard WhipsFor maximum impact in the border or on the patio, you can train Fuchsia Beckie-Lou as a standard. Use our specially grown whips to create your own standards and impress your gardening friends!
Verbascum Jester 3 jumbo plants
Verbascum Jester 3 jumbo plants £17.99
The world’s first bicolour Verbascum Jester is something different for cottage gardens.
Lingonberry 3 plants in 9cm pots
Lingonberry 3 plants in 9cm pots £17.99
Packed full of vitamins, you’ll find Lingonberries invaluable for jams, juices, syrups and for serving with meat dishes. Lingonberry plants are easy to grow and are good for acidic soil.
Blueberry : Top Hat 2 plants in 9cm pots + 1 FREE
Blueberry : Top Hat 2 plants in 9cm pots + 1 FREE £17.98
Nutritious blueberries. What could be more satisfying than juicy fruits picked fresh from your own garden? ‘Top Hat’ makes a decorative pot plant, producing white blossom in spring and attractive bronze autumn foliage. Its plump berries are packed with health-boosting compounds and are especially delicious in pies, muffins and jams. Our 7cm potted blueberry plants will fruit 2 years after planting.
Bat Plant (Tacca chantrierei) 2 jumbo plants + 1 FREE
Bat Plant (Tacca chantrierei) 2 jumbo plants + 1 FREE £17.98
A very unusual species with black, bat-shaped flowers that can grow up to 12 inches across, with long ‘whiskers’.
Geranium Balcon Pink 10 jumbo plants + 10 FREE
Geranium Balcon Pink 10 jumbo plants + 10 FREE £16.99
Balcon Geraniums are synonymous with alpine villages where picture-postcard chalets are draped in brightly-coloured blooms. You too can enjoy their splendour without having to leave our shores. Just plant up in hanging baskets, window boxes or Flower Pouches™, or even around the edges of patio tubs, and marvel at the sight of your own garden. They’ll flower profusely for months on end. Available as a mixture (unspecified) but for best results plant in single colours.