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Bradstone, Old Riven Paving

by Sarah - February 12th, 2010.
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paving in autumn gold

Autumn Gold paving

Bradstone, Old Riven Paving comes in several different colours. It is an economical and realistic alternative to proper stone. The colours are Autumn bronze, Autumn Gold, Autumn Cotswold, Autumn Silver and Weathered York.
The last several different options of pack. They all have a circle kick, are squaring off kit and then packs of different sized stones. The circles are in different sizes in the front colours so please check the colour you are interested in to see what size the circle kit is.

The Autumn Gold colour is a very warm colour that would suit many gardens. It would complement a wide variety of planting from greens to plants with yellow and gold leaves. The Autumn Cotswold colour is likened to Cotswold stone, this is also very warm effect although slightly darker than the Autumn Gold.

Which ever colour you choose, this product is a good-looking alternative to natural stone. It is very reasonably priced, and you will find this means you may be able to do more paid in your garden than you thought.