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mini greenhouse

by Sarah - February 12th, 2010.
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Small greenhouse

Small greenhouse

mini greenhouse – at the Garden Centre Online
This Walk In Greenhouse includes 4 Shelves. It’s quite small and compact and will be a useful addition to the garden. This small greenhouse is suitable for someone with very small space, who needs a sheltered space for starting off plants, protecting plants from frosts, and stopping the birds eating with seedlings. It isn’t too big so will be suitable for very small spaces and patios. It has four shelves, to either side. This does mean you couldn’t use the sides for growing tomatoes but the would be nothing to stop you having want across the width of the back. You would still be able to access the shelves, and could use these for trays of plants, such as basil, lettuce, and anything else that needs the protection.

It is excellent value at only £25.99. This makes it ideal as a starter greenhouse, and will make a difference to how early you can start your growing season. It will protect plants from the worst of weather, but you will not be to provide heat for plants in this greenhouse. It will be good for starting off plants that do not require heat, but do need to be kept out of the cold. It is easy to assemble, having a simple push to get the system metal frame. The cover is made from polythene, this is flexible and does offer some protection as it has good insulation properties.

For someone looking for tiny greenhouse at a very low cost, this is perfect. It will certainly give your plants a head start compared to being outside. The raised shelves also mean your plants will be clear of slugs. It will also stop birds ripping your seedlings!