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Grow your own Rhubarb

by Sarah - February 15th, 2010.
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rhubarb from Suttons
Growing rhubarb is relatively easy. You have to prepare a bed for it because it will stay there long time. You should dig the bed well incorporating lots of well rotted compost or manure. Plant the rhubarb spaced as the instructions state. Rhubarb will grow year after year and the plants will spread out, you will eventually need to thin out the plants. You should also apply plenty of well rotted manure or compost each year. Rhubarb is relatively easy, takes no particular attention. And you will be picking it for years to come. Most plants require you to let them get established first, which might mean no sticks for the first year, and only one or two sticks from each plant the next year. But after that you should be good to go.

Buy these rhubarb collections from Suttons
The Suttons Rhubarb Tasters Collection – 3 delicious varieties, £9.95.
Right now Rhubarb is incredibly popular in British homes and kitchens.
Rhubarb is versatile – you can use it to make puddings, jams and even as an accompaniment to meat and fish dishes. But it is difficult to find in shops.
Easy to grow – Rhubarb is incredibly easy to grow. Once established it comes up year after year with little attention. Putting your rhubarb at the back of a border provides decorative foliage too.
The Rhubarb Tasters Collection – At Suttons we have put together a special Rhubarb Tasters Collection with our three most popular varieties:
Timperley (Early) (picture 1) – Capable of production from February right through to October. Delicious, tart flavour.
Suttons Seedless (picture 2) – A good later variety, known for good yield and flavour.
Victoria (picture 3) – A good all round variety, freezes very well so you can have Rhubarb all year round.
Buy two collections get one FREE! Each Rhubarb Tasters Collection consists of one plant of each variety for £9.95. However buy two collections and we will send you one free – SAVE £9.95. (Exact despatch time is subject to weather conditions as rhubarb can not be sent in freezing conditions.)