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Price reductions at Garden Centre Online

by Sarah - February 19th, 2010.
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Garden Centre Online reduced the price on these products today

Fiskars Lifestyle Telescopic Lopper
Fiskars Lifestyle Telescopic Lopper was £27.99 now £25.00
Strong lightweight extruded aluminium blades. Increases leverage with longer handles. Non-stick coated upper blade for easier cutting. Bypass blades for a precise clean cut, ideal for new green growth. Comes with a 10 Year Guarantee. Handles extend up to 270mm, Maximum 32mm cutting diameter.

Fiskars Lifetime Powergear Hedge Shear
Fiskars Lifetime Powergear Hedge Shear was £31.99 now £28.00
PowerGear® design multiplies your cutting power and provides more leverage near the tips. Cushioned bumper to reduce jarring when in use. Two sets of gears for distribution of cutting power and for control and stability. Non-stick coated hardened steel blades. Durable yet lightweight FibreCompTM handles permits cutting above shoulder height for long periods without tiring. Has a Lifetime Guarantee Weight only 625g.
Fiskars Lifetime Bypass Powergear Lopper Large
Fiskars Lifetime Bypass Powergear Lopper Large was £34.99 now £32.00
PowerGear® design multiplies your cutting power. Durable yet lightweight FibreCompTM handles, hardened steel blade with non-stick PFTE coating for easier cutting. Cuts stems / branches up to 45mm diameter and has a Lifetime Guarantee. Overall length of 70cm, Weight 1060g.