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New products at GreenFingers

by John - March 2nd, 2010.
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GreenFingers added hundreds of new items

Busy Lizzie Accent - 84 Mini Plugs
Busy Lizzie Accent – 84 Mini Plugs £21.99
Flowering up to 5cm in size Busy Lizzie Accent are vigorous versatile and guaranteed to brighten up even the most shaded areas of your garden! Providing a wonderfully bold splash of colour all through the summer and well into autumn these are remarkably sun tolerant too – it’s little wonder they’re the nations favourite bedding plant! Type: Half hardy annual Flowering period: June

Laura Ashley Classic Glove - Cressida Design
Laura Ashley Classic Glove – Cressida Design £9.99
Keep your hands protected as you enjoy an afternoons
Amaryllis Bulb Gift Pack
Amaryllis Bulb Gift Pack £6.12
Amaryllis is a favourite of gardeners and florists alike with its tall thick stems and large colourful flowers.The stems of the amaryllis can reach upwards of 60cm and 15cm in circumference.These huge bulbs make brilliant winter houseplants and are the longest-lasting winter cut flower you can have.As cut stems they’ll last nearly three weeks.If you take care of your bulbs they will bloom again and again putting on an extra inch in girth and producing an extra flower spike every year you keep them.Varieties available Christmas Star Snow Queen Red Velvet Flamingo and Florida.
Gardeners Mug and Radio Gift Set
Gardeners Mug and Radio Gift Set £14.99
This Gardeners Mug and Radio Gift Set is perfect to have at your side as you work away busily in the garden. Designed by Simon Drew and featuring his quirky designs this
Ugrow Cat Clear Repellant Seeds
Ugrow Cat Clear Repellant Seeds £3.49
Fed up with cats making visits to your garden – we have the solution; grow your own cat repellent plants. The two plants cats detest are Helichrysum Italicum or Curry Plant because of its strong odour and its coarse rough texture. Teh second is Lemon Balm due to its citrus odour and bushy texture.The plus is that the plants are an eco-friendly solution to feline control and will not wash away.To get best results: Planting the cat repellent seeds around the edge of a garden will repel cats from entering over fences and walls.Planting in borders will prevent cats from messing in that border.Planting in pots placed in front of the house will repel cats from walking into the garden front the front of the house. Both plants are easy to grow and can start to be used as a cat repellent once they are planted out. .It is recommended that you keep the plants growing in a tight bushy ball to work most effectively. There are 500 seeds on average per pack.300 Lemon Balm and 200 Helichrysum Italicum
Hozelock Spiral Yellow Hose 15m
Hozelock Spiral Yellow Hose 15m £29.99
This 15 metre Spiral Yellow Hose is a flexible and lightweight coiled hose that extends from 1m to 15m in length and recoils for neat and tidy storage. Supplied as a complete watering set this also includes a multi spray gun waterstop connector with auto water shut off hose end connector and threaded outdoor tap connector.
Hozelock Killaspray Plus 5 Litres
Hozelock Killaspray Plus 5 Litres £24.99
Hozelock Killaspray Plus has been designed to give easy accurate and even application of water insecticides pesticides fungicides and water-soluble fertilisers. The ergonomic trigger handle has a lock on facility allowing continuous or intermittent spraying and includes a filter to prevent nozzle blockages. The telescopic lance offers extra reach 50-85cm while the cone and fan spray prevent spray drift while using weedkiller. The comfortable and adjustable carry straps mean you can use this as a backpack offering extra support while you work. 5 Litre capacity
Daffodil Pheasant Eye Pack of 5 Bulbs
Daffodil Pheasant Eye Pack of 5 Bulbs £2.54
These beautiful daffodils are distinctive and scented. Plant 12cm deep in a well drained but moist soil. Plant informally in groups or in containers beds or borders.Flowers in April to a height of 40cm. Pack contains 5 bulbs.
Dahlia- Karma Choc  - 1 Bulb
Dahlia- Karma Choc – 1 Bulb £1.99
The striking Dahlia Karma Choc is a sumptuous deep red colour with velvety undertones. Sure to get notice amongst your flowerbeds and borders this unusual bloom is sure to be the envy of your friends and neighbours. Plant: March onwards Growing: Plant in sunny position away from strong winds. Plant from March onwards. 15cm deep 60cm apart Height: 90cm (35

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