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Price reductions at Garden Centre Online

by Sarah - March 4th, 2010.
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Garden Centre Online has cut the price of these items

15m Yellow Professional garden Hose Pipe
15m Yellow Professional garden Hose Pipe was £5.10 now £4.79
15m Professional 1/2 inches Garden Hose Pipe, Comes with a 25 year Guarantee. Comes with extra braid and wall thickness.

Bayer Garden Long Lasting Ground Clear
Bayer Garden Long Lasting Ground Clear was £7.14 now £5.99
Alternative solution to sodium chlorate for season long control. Unique system broad spectrum residual weedkiller, used to clear not only overgrown areas of the garden but also woody ornamental shrubs and trees such as roses and on gravel paths and drives. Keeps weeds away for up to 4 months. New simple soluble sachet application – no measuring required.3 sachet packContains glyphosate, flufenacet, metosulam.
15m Kingfisher Professional Plus NTS Hose Pipe
15m Kingfisher Professional Plus NTS Hose Pipe was £10.21 now £9.99
Kingfisher is proud to introduce a new range of Professional Plus NTS patented non torsion knitted garden hose pipe. Designed for the professional market but equally well suited to any garden. Instead of traditional braided garden hose, NTS is a patented kniited braid system. This allows the hose to be fully kink resistant with excellent malleability. Tough resistant outer cover with distinctive yellow line Non kinking / folding Non twist Malleable 3 Layers Anti Algae and Non toxic Suitable for use in all seasons Bursting Pressure 25 bar 125 grams thickness per metre 1/2 inches garden hose. Compatible with any vendor’s hose connections 15 Metres length Kingfisher, a UK company have been manufacturing hose for over 30 years. The NTS hose is the latest and top of their range.
Hozelock Aquastorm 20 Adjustable Oscillating Sprinkler
Hozelock Aquastorm 20 Adjustable Oscillating Sprinkler was £23.99 now £21.99
AquaStorm oscillating sprinklers are the ultimate lawn sprinklers. They are specially designed to give 100% even water coverage regardless of the water pressure. (;1-10 bar);. The sprinkler can water a rectangle or a part of a rectangle – adjustment is easy simply slide the red setting rings. There are 20 brass jets which gives a max area coverage of approx 260m2 . This makes the Aquastorm 20 perfect for lawns and established plants. The sprinkler is mounted on a stable sled which gives stability on a lawn or a border They feature an ultra reliable, water-powered , geardrive motor that operates at all water pressures – two year guarantee