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Types of potato you can grow at home

by Sarah - March 8th, 2010.
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Seed potatoes at Dobies

There are many types of potato that you can grow at home. You will find you have a much bigger choice of potatoes and is available in your local supermarket. Even if you have a specialised greengrocer near you you won’t get anywhere near as big a choice as you can buy growing your own potatoes.

Decide what sort of potatoes you want to grow. Do you want to grow your own baking potatoes, once the mashing or roasting, or once the salads. A good idea is to grow your own new potatoes. These are also known as first earlies. These potatoes are at their most delicious just out of the ground. They are usually quite small to which is ideal if you’re growing them in the limited amount of space. They are also quite quick to grow and will be ready soonest encouraging you to go on grow many other things during the year.

You can grow them in plastic bags, buckets, barrels, special potato planters, or old tyres. The old tyres method involves putting one tyre on the ground and filling it with compost for in your seed potatoes in this and then covering them up as the potatoes grow you put another tyre on top and filling with compost each time covering all the potatoes up .

The new style plastic bag kits are specially designed to be the right size for a certain number of seed potatoes. If you don’t have any garden space, and these can sit quite happily on a patio. Once you’ve tasted your own new potatoes you will want to grow them every year. The plastic bag kits are reusable and should last you for many years.

You shouldn’t really use potatoes from the supermarket, you should use special certified seed potatoes that come from virus free farms. If you use potatoes that you have just bought at the supermarket, then you may introduce problems into your garden.

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