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Price reductions at Gardening Direct

by Sarah - March 10th, 2010.
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Reduced price on products today at Gardening Direct

Broccoli Purple Sprouting (Early)
Broccoli Purple Sprouting (Early) was £2.19 now £1.99
The most popular of the sprouting varieties, very hardy and produces an abundance of dark purple spears, in March, which turn green on cooking. WHERE TO SOW Sow the seeds thinly in a well prepared seed bed 2cm deep in rows 15cm apart. WHAT TO DO NEXT As the seedlings appear, thin to 7cm apart. When they are about 10-15cm tall, transplant to the growing site about 60cm apart, planting them 2cm deeper than in the seed bed. Water well. HANDY TIP Pick regularly when the spears are well formed but before they open. Take central spear first to encourage a lot of side shoots.

Lettuce Mixed
Lettuce Mixed was £2.19 now £1.99
A good economy, one packet containing a mixture of butterhead, cos, crisp and loose leaf types to give you a spread of varieties and textures in one row. Ready for cutting 8-10 weeks after sowing.