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Price reductions at Dobies

by Sarah - March 11th, 2010.
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Dobies has cut the price of these items

Terracotta Cascade Solar Water Feature
Terracotta Cascade Solar Water Feature was £79.95 now £49.95
This charming hand-crafted water feature will make a lovely gift that will soothe with the gentle sound of running water as it splashes and bubbles from the terracotta urn at its top down to the large terracotta bowl at the foot. Self contained, it requires no installation, and uses a safe solar powered low voltage pump and the latest technology remote solar panel – so you can position the feature itself wherever you like, in sun or shade! Optional AC mains adaptor for indoor use. Height 53cm (21″). Cobbles not included. ONLY 4 LEFT.

Portable Rechargeable Insect Killer
Portable Rechargeable Insect Killer was £34.95 now £14.95
A portable insect killer which uses ultraviolet light to attract flying bugs from up to 12m (39′) away onto an electric grid that safely and hygiencially zaps them! Dead bugs are collected in a central sliding tray for easy disposal. Works for over five hours from a single charge. Mains adaptor included for continuous indoor use. Measures 26cm (10″) high x 24.5cm (9½”) wide x 12cm (5″) deep.
Solar Pond Oxygenator Plus
Solar Pond Oxygenator Plus was £89.95 now £59.95
For ponds up to 5000 litres. Includes solar panel (with integral battery that charges by day, allowing the pump to keep running up to 6 hours into the night), air pump (flow rate 360 litres/hour), four 2m (6andfract12;’) air tubes and four air stones.
Deluxe Lightweight Stepladder
Deluxe Lightweight Stepladder was £39.95 now £24.95
This is the lightest deluxe stepladder we have ever seen. Manufactured from aircraft grade alloy it weighs just 1.95kg, yet will hold a load of 100kgs (220 lbs)! It has anodised super grip steps and a large round safety rail with soft rubber grip. Ideal for the elderly. Folds flat for easy storage. Height to top step 81cm (32″). ONLY 10 LEFT.
Aquapod Patio Watering System
Aquapod Patio Watering System was £78.25 now £38.25
Make watering your patio containers effortless with this cleverly designed watering system. Ideal for people with busy lives as well as for holiday watering, and because it delivers water directly to plants roots where its needed, it uses 90% less water than ordinary hand-held devices! Installation is quick and easy (normally less than five minutes!): just connect the timer unit to the tap, set the length and frequency of watering, position the Aquapod base units, pull out the dripper hoses to precisely the lengths you need them and position the self-cleaning, pressure regulating dripper at the end of each in your pots. If your patio layout changes it only takes two minutes to adjust! Maximum length of each dripper hose 2m (6’6″). Watering system comprises water timer, two Aquapods (including 10 drippers with pot stakes), pressure regulator with two outlets, 20m (65′) of 4mm tubing to connect your Aquapods to the pressure regulator. Aquapod size 17cm high, 14cm diameter.
Wolf Lawn Scarifier
Wolf Lawn Scarifier was £44.95 now £34.95
Clear dead moss and thatch from your lawn to keep it aerated and healthy. The 30cm (12″) wide head swings back and forth to help the rake ‘glide’ over the lawn when pushed and ‘bite in’ when pulled. The 1.4m (41″) handle has an aluminium socket, robust hardwood shaft, comfortable PVC grip and useful hanger. The push-button release on the handle allows you to switch to other Wolf multi-change tool heads. ONLY 6 LEFT.
Basket Support Posts
Basket Support Posts was £34.95 now £19.95
A clever device to turn your standard wire or wicker hanging baskets (up to 16″) into spectacular displays at a manageable height. Just screw the sturdy support posts into the ground, fit the basket support dishes, and you’re ready to display your baskets! Use to bring height to your bedding displays, or brighten up a dull corner. Height 125cm (49″) – Pair. ONLY 7 LEFT.
Aquapod Extension Kit
Aquapod Extension Kit was £24.45 now £14.45
Extension kit comprises one extra Aquapod (with 5 drippers), 5 stakes and adaptors to convert the pressure regulator for 3 outlets. ONLY 4 LEFT.
Power Slider 2500 Shredder
Power Slider 2500 Shredder was £199.95 now £129.95
Shredding is a simple and environmentally friendly way to dispose of garden rubbish. The end result is a superb organic mulch for beds and borders. This AL-KO shredder is made from modern, corrosion-resistant materials and is very powerful, with a rotary slicing action, and a plastic housing unit designed to reduce noise levels. Other features include:Integral guide plate for fast automatic feeding. Slanted precision shredding blade that will slice through branches up to 40mm (1 2/3″) in diameter. Carbonitrite steel blades for longer life.Handy tool storage compartment.3 pin moulded plug and 3m (10′) cable. Weight 20kg. ONLY 3 LEFT.