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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - March 11th, 2010.
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GreenFingers reduced the price on these products today

Willow Wigwam 1.2m
Willow Wigwam 1.2m was £9.00 now £7.99
Made from natural willow this wigwam is great for supporting any tall or climbing plants in your garden. This is a sturdy construction with made with natural product which would camouflage in well to your garden. 36cm diameter 120cm high.

Mow Over Lawn Edging
Mow Over Lawn Edging was £19.99 now £15.99
Never have to trim your lawn edge again! This innovative lawn edging means you can mow right over the edge of the specially designed 6.3cm mowing strip so you do not have to trim the edge as well. Made from durable polypropylene in a traditional Victorian rope edge design the pack contains 10 tiles. Each tile is 23cm long and can be easily cut to any length using a fine tooth saw. Suitable for any straight edge or gently curved section of lawn.Dimensions: 23cm long x 13cm wide. There is further 10cm spike which goes into ground.
Plant And Herb Garden Planter
Plant And Herb Garden Planter was £34.99 now £29.99
Great for people with small or patio gardens this plant and herb garden can be used to grow a variety of plants from alpines and heathers to tasty herbs. This planter has 6 individual sections all of which can be individually removed for ease of use and house a removable water plug to provide perfect growing conditions for all herbs. This planter is terracotta in colour and made from polypropylene which makes it durable and frost resistant and therefore built to last. There is room in each section to hold enough compost for the plants to thrive on. Dimensions 66x60x20cm high.
The Handy Hand Garden Roller
The Handy Hand Garden Roller was £81.73 now £59.99
Made from steel this roller can hold 75kg of water 120kg of sand and can hold wood from sizes 25cm to 50 cm in diameter. This model comes complete with scarper bar 42cm drum with drain plug and when empty the Garden Roller weighs 13kg. All this together with soft grip handles for comfort and ease of navigation which fold down for easy and convenient storage is sure to make the garden roller top of any gardeners wish list.
The Handy Electric Tiller
The Handy Electric Tiller was £81.73 now £69.99
Get the job done in no time with the Handy Mowerland Electric Tiller. Whether its cultivating the soil for your seeds digging in your compost/fertiliser or digging up those annoying weeds or cultivating your vegetable gardens or flower beds the Handy Mowerland Electric tiller is the answer to all your problems. Simply switch it on and away you go. The Mowerland Electric Tiller has a 750 watt motor power which makes digging the garden an absolute breeze. It can work up to depths of 20cm and widths of 30cm complete with a 10 meter length of cable foldable handles for easy storage and weighs a mere 7.5kg.
The Handy Saw Horse with Chainsaw Support
The Handy Saw Horse with Chainsaw Support was £102.16 now £79.99
The Handy Saw Horse with Chainsaw Support allows you to balance your chain saw safely whilst steadying the log with the other hand making it easy and safe to cut through the wood. This ingenious piece of equipment can cope with wood from sizes 25cm to 50 cm in diameter. Features include the ability to fit most chainsaws and chainsaw weights fully adjustable for small/large legs and a fully guarded chain blade. Made from an all steel construction the Handy Saw Horse with Chainsaw Support folds flat for ease of storage with a weight of 7kg.
The Handy 50lbs Wheeled Lawn Spreader
The Handy 50lbs Wheeled Lawn Spreader was £81.73 now £79.99
Go at your pace whilst making sure your garden gets the nutrients it needs. Able to cope with a range of different garden feeds from fertilizer granules seed salt and other foods this is sure to be a beneficial product for any garden. The Handy 50lbs Wheeled Lawn Spreader comes complete with pneumatic wheels allowing it to cope with the roughest of terrains. This together with an adjustable feed control and a 23 kg capacity make this an all round beneficial and practical product that no garden should be without.
Garden Trolley Small
Garden Trolley Small was £81.73 now £79.99
Sturdy four wheeled trolley ideal for moving pots and carrying heavy loads. Constructed in heavy-gauge steel with heavy-duty outdoor coating and smooth steering to avoid tipping. The sides are hinged to drop for flexibility of use and can also be removed altogether to leave a simple flat bed trolley. Comfortable 2-hand grip 48.5cm wide x 104cm long steel mesh bed. Internal measurements – 48x99x 27cm high.Overall size 51x104x45cm high.Requires home assembly
The Handy Impact Shredder
The Handy Impact Shredder was £102.16 now £89.99
Powered with a 2400 watt motor this shredder can shred with ease branches up to 40mm in diameter. It comes complete with large wheels allowing for easy navigation around the garden. This model also features rotary shredding action safety switching a plunger a 50 litre debris bag and a 3 metre length of cable.