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Onion Fertiliser

by Sarah - March 12th, 2010.
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Onion Fertiliser

You get a 2.5KG bag for £12.99

To plant onions you need to prepare a bed for them. You will need to rake it smooth and flat and then plant the onions at the recommended distance apart with just the tips of the bulbs showing.
The idea is to plant the onions in rows that are easy to hoe between. If you can’t be onions to close, then you will disturb them trying to get in between them with the hoe. If you have to hand weed them, then it will take a lot more time, so it makes sense to get the spacing right.

One of the problems you will have when you have planted your onions is that the birds will come and investigate the tiny little tips showing through the dirt. You can even net them over, use a cloche, or use Bird scarers.

This onion fertiliser is designed for using before you plant unions. You should apply it at the recommended rate, perhaps stopping to work out the area of your onion bed and how much fertiliser you will need for this and weighing out the right amount. You should leave it a few days before planting your onion sets. After you have planted your onions and once growth has started, at 10 to 14 day into force you should top dress with this fertiliser at the recommended rate. Don’t get the fertiliser on the foliage though and water in well.

The NPK ratio is 13:28:19