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Slug Killer – nemotodes

by Sarah - March 12th, 2010.
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Nemotodes kill slugs

Nemotodes kill slugs

Nemaslug Nematodes: Slug Killer
All vegetable gardeners know that the slug is one of the worst enemies in the garden. You can try all the beer traps you like, the gravel, and the copper tape but the slugs will still get to the plants and munch away at your newly planted seedlings.

What you need is something really effective like nematodes. Nematodes are microscopic organisms that kill slugs above and below ground. They are completely harmless to all garden wildlife as well as pets and children. They make your garden safe to as she won’t need to use slug pellets, so this is less chance of you poisoning your soil.

It’s perfectly safe to use on crops you’re going to wait. You should apply it just once every six weeks as this is how long the protection masts. It isn’t washed away by rain, but it does need the sort to be warm enough. You can order it now and they will send it out when the weather is warm and warm enough.
This pack can treat up to 40 m². There are also other packs designed to treat for other pests such as onion fly, caterpillars, directs, moths, carrot root fly, cabbage root fly and many other things. If you grow vegetables, then you know just how destructive these pests complete your crop. By investing just a small amount of money in the Nemesys products you have a simple pest control solution.