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Growing Sweet potatoes

by Sarah - March 16th, 2010.
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Sweet potatoes are grown directly from the root tubers themselves or potatoes. They are grown from slips that are small pieces of plant that needs special heat treatment to get them going. Several types of sweet potato available from Thomson and Morgan.
Thompson & Morgan sell several types of sweet potato.
These are: Beauregard Improved, Georgia Jet, O’Henry and T65.
Thomson & Morgan will send you the slips which you can consider like cuttings, by first class post in some special boxes. They need and then immediately and the cuttings will look a little with the. You need to place them in a glass of water overnight and pot them up the next day. Put one per pot so that the length of the stem to the base of the little leaves is buried.

Thompson and Morgan have a sweet potato potting on kit that you can buy, and you can use this for about three weeks to get the plants established before you plant them out. As always for growing details are sent out with every order.

Sweet potatoes are growing in popularity. They are delicious baked, steamed, boiled or even fried. They have a lovely colour and the sweet taste.