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Value Garden Sheds

by Sarah - March 17th, 2010.
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Every garden needs a shed!
Walton Garden Building’s range of value sheds is well worth looking at!

Cheap shed

Buying a shed

8′ x 6′ Walton’s Ultra Value Apex Overlap Garden Shed is only £189.95
Product Features:

* Solid Sheet OSB Floor and Roof
* Rustic Overlap Feather Edge Cladding
* Charcoal Colour Roofing Felt
* Windowless (Can increase security)
* Free Delivery to Most UK Mainland Postcodes

6′ x 4′ Ultra Value Tongue and Groove Apex Garden Shed only £193.99
Product Features:

* Windowless for Added Security
* Free Next Day Delivery*
* Free Base Coat Treatment
* Free 5L Tub Of treatment – Please select your Colour!
* FREE Delivery to Most UK Postcodes
* Portabase Also Available – Please Select on Customisation Page

8′ x 6′ Walton’s Ultra Value Tongue and Groove Apex Garden Shed at

* Probably the Cheapest 12mm Shiplap T+G Shed in the UK!
* Free Next Day Delivery*
* Free Basecoat Treatment
* Free 5L Tub of Treatment
* Windowless for Extra Security
* 10 Year Anti Rot Guarantee

Buying a garden shed is something that every gardener needs to do at some point. There’s never enough room to your tall is in the garage, and he certainly don’t want them in the house. A keen gardener and garden sheds is a place to store all the tools that they use, perhaps even the lawnmower too.

A gardeners shed should contain some hanging hooks for garden tools, a shell for 2 foot plant pots and packets of plant food, enough room for the larger tools that gardeners have like a motivator or lawnmower, and room for all the other accessories that you will need to keep in here.

You’ll find that you constantly find new things to put in your shed, whether it’s your garden hose, empty plant pots, sacks of compost, or any of the myriad of things gardener collects, so you need to make sure your shed will be big enough to keep everything in. Deciding on the right side shed is probably as much about how much room you want to have inside the shed, how much room you have in your garden, how much money you have and how much you have to store.

Work out your budget first, don’t forget to allow for having a shed base, and then think about where you’ll put your shed. The planning stage of buying a shed is very important and not want to be skipped over. You might find that you can only afford to buy a small shed, so making sure you buy the right one is very important. By getting free delivery on your shed, you also save money. The prices of sheds at Walton Garden buildings is great with a value range as well as great prices overall. It is definitely worth a look here at the value range as they have three great sized sheds that would be suitable for your garden.