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New products at Garden Centre Online

by Sarah - March 17th, 2010.
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New lines at Garden Centre Online

Wooden Doormat & Scraper
Wooden Doormat & Scraper £25.99
Help remove ground on dirt with this wooden doormat with scraper and brush Dimensions: 80cm x 50cm

Hanging Herb Drying Kit & Seeds
Hanging Herb Drying Kit & Seeds £14.99
Kit comes complete with: herb dryer, 3 packets of seeds (rosemary, lavender and thyme), and harvesting guide. Simply attach the herbs tied in string to the hooks of the herb dryer. Harvesting guide explains how to harvest and preserve the herbs. Herb dryer can also be used with flowers.
Cast Iron Nutcracker
Cast Iron Nutcracker £12.99
A nutcracker that means business! Makes easy work of cracking those tough nuts open. Bowl can be used for catching the shells Pressure from the turning bolt easily crackz even those toughest of shells. Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 17cm
Build Your Own Bird Nesting Box Kit
Build Your Own Bird Nesting Box Kit £12.99
Build your own nesting box with this complete kit contains everything you need: hammer, pre cut wood, glue and nails. Help wildlife by encouraging birds to nest in your garden. Pre cut wood means less time measuring and cutting – prefect for children. Galvanised metal roof to ensure rain drips off and doesn’t enter bird box. Built dimensions: 14cm x 14cm x 18cm
Ceramic Pestle & Mortar Pesto Set
Ceramic Pestle & Mortar Pesto Set £11.99
Use this pesto set to grind basil into a pesto. The ceramic pestle and mortar can also be used to mash other ingredients when cooking. Set comes complete with mortar, pestle, metal, platn marker, packet of basil seed, growing and recipe instructions for the basil.
Rectangular Large Rubber Door Mat
Rectangular Large Rubber Door Mat £10.99
This scroll design rubber doormat adds style as well as functionality to your doorway. Constructed from rubber so will stay securely in place. Can be used indoors or outdoors. Dimensions: 45 X 70 X 1.5 CM
Set of 3 Recycling Bags
Set of 3 Recycling Bags £8.99
Help yourself and the environment with these recycling bags. The three bag each have a corresponding image what the bag is to be filled with – suitable for glass, tin and paper. With carry handles for easy manoeuvring. Can be used separately or all together. Made from strong woven polyethylene for strength – easy to clean and waterproof. 
Herb Scissor Set
Herb Scissor Set £8.99
Chop herbs quickly and efficiently with this herb scissor set. The 5 blades ensure even and quick cutting, prevent the herbs being cut. Also included in the set: a packet of chive seeds, metal plant marker and full growing instructions.
Cast Iron Flower Doorbell
Cast Iron Flower Doorbell £6.99
This decorative cast iron flower doorbell will add style to your home. The pull rope means no need for electrical wiring or batteries. Simply attach to the outside wall of your home Dimensions: 12 X 22 X 30 CM