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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - March 17th, 2010.
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GreenFingers has cut the price of these items

Yeoman Pink Snippers
Yeoman Pink Snippers was £4.09 now £3.99
With stainless steel blades and easy grip pink handles this Yeoman snippers are great looking as well as incredibly practical and versaltile for small cutting jobs.

Water Feature Indoor - Tumbling Gnomes
Water Feature Indoor – Tumbling Gnomes was £16.99 now £11.99
This delightful Tumbling Gnomes Water Feature is sure make a great feature in any room whether your living room kitchen bedroom or conservatory. This feature is fully self-contained and comes complete with a pump and built-in reservoir. Simply add water switch on and enjoy! Mains operated you can have this running whenever you choose so you can enjoy the relaxing sound of trickling water. For something different why not add a couple of drops of food colouring to the water.18 x 12 x 24cm high
Yeoman Light Choice Dutch Hoe
Yeoman Light Choice Dutch Hoe was £15.32 now £12.99
Controlling weeds with a hoe is far quicker than hand weeding. It also allows you to easily kill seedlings which have not yet appeared above the ground. By doing that the task of weeding is made so much easier
Pair of Cherubs Garden Ornaments
Pair of Cherubs Garden Ornaments was £19.99 now £15.99
Enchantingly innocent a charming pair of cherubs that are simply content to spend their time sleeping and dreaming. Decorate your favorite spot in the garden or place on the patio with this pair of garden ornaments. A widely accepted belief is that the Cherubs serve as protectors to ward off any evil weeds or pests that may attempt to harm your garden. Crafted from weather-resistant poly-resin but styled to look aged and made from marble will be suitable for indoor or outdoor garden display. Cherubs: 14x16x6cm high each.
Stainless Steel Solar Lights 4pk
Stainless Steel Solar Lights 4pk was £36.99 now £24.99
These attractive solar powered lights are supplied in a 4 pack allowing you the flexibility of lining a driveway or flowerbed or fanning them from your front door. The white LED light powered by integral solar cell provides up to 10 hours of light when fully charged. Has an on/off switch to save power when not needed.Includes 1 x AA rechargeable battery. 30cm high.
Strata Compost Bin 220lt
Strata Compost Bin 220lt was £34.99 now £29.99
220 litre compost bin with lid and black hatch to allow access to your compost.73 x 88cm high.
Garden Ornament - Fairy With LED Harp
Garden Ornament – Fairy With LED Harp was £30.99 now £29.99
This delightful solar powered Fairy with LED Harp will make a lovely addition to your home or garden. At dusk the harp strings will automatically light up with five colour-changing lights that alternate at random giving the illusion the harp is being played.Manufactured from a frost resistant and UV stabilised polyresin this is perfect for the garden however she will be just as at home inside on your windowsill.26 x 18 x 42cm high
FSC Semicircle Tree Bench
FSC Semicircle Tree Bench was £49.99 now £34.99
A quintessential piece of garden furniture a tree bench will provide you with a wonderful way to enjoy your garden. Why not get comfortable and lean up against your favourite tree reading quietly while enjoying a glorious summers day in your garden. These heavily built tree benches are generously sized with a unique fan shape and are wonderfully crafted from high quality Chinese Fir sourced from FSC Certified managed forests.Treated with a reddish weatherproof stain. Internal diameter is 40cm. FSC Certified Chinese Fir: Wooden Semi-Circle Bench Tree Bench120x60x40cm high.Seat Depth 40cm
Twin Bokashi Kitchen Composters
Twin Bokashi Kitchen Composters was £42.91 now £41.99
All food waste can now be turned into nutrient rich compost – a great way to recycle leftovers including meat fish and dairy products as well as cooked foods. This process does not produce smells or attract flies. This Kitchen Compost Kit is composed of two composters airtight lids drainage taps drain cup 600g bag of Bokashi scoop and inner drain tray. By having two composters working for you you can leave one to ferment while you fill the other. One of other benefits of this composter is that it does not require filters to reduce the smell due to micro organisms supplied by the Bokashi Bran.The Kitchen Waste Composter is an airtight container then Bokashi is added as a compost activator. This is a bran-based material that has been prepared with EM a mixed culture of naturally occurring friendly micro organisms the food waste then ferments allowing it to then be safely composted. Liquid feed can be drained off during the fermentation process. This is alive with beneficial microbes and can be diluted as a plant feed or poured down drains to prevent algae build up and odours. After approximately two weeks simply empty out the full Kitchen Composter and the contents can be either composted further or added to the garden. 2xSilver Recycled Plastic Kitchen Composters: 32x26x38cm high. Capacity: 18 litres each.