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Grow some veg this year!

by Sarah - March 18th, 2010.
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Growing your own vegetables couldn’t be easier! (And I know I’ve been telling you this for months now! )
Home grown, tasty, flavoursome crops and no vegetable plot to dig.
Offer ends: April 30th 2010

Only £9.99+P&P
It’s so easy to grow tasty, Home-Grown Vegetables with this Royal Horicultural Society Award of Garden Merit winning Vegetable Collection, plus Planters are perfect for small gardens, patios or even balconies.

Never grown your own vegetables before? Don’t worry, Thompson and Morgan supply easy to follow, step by step instructions with every collection.

Veg growing kit

Grow veg easy

Runner Bean St George
– An RHS AGM Winner thanks to its early and heavy crops of superior quality, stringless, smooth, fleshy, 25-30cm long pods which follows its distinctive red and white bi-coloured flowers.

Carrot Adelaide F1 Hybrid – Another RHS AGM Award Winner, one of the earliest maturing varieties, giving cylindrical, smooth-skinned, sweet and juicy carrots.
And F1 doesn’t mean it’s a car – it means it’s guaranteed to come out just like it should!

Potato Vales Emerald – An RHS AGM Winner. This exciting Maris Peer/Charlotte cross, gives huge yields of round/oval, cream-skinned and fleshed tubers. Ideal as an early-maturing salad potato.

Patio Vegetable Planters – Specially designed for growing fresh vegetables on the patio or in small gardens throughout the year. Each pack contains three planters in different sizes, chosen specifically for the varieties provided.

So easy to grow – Plant tubers, beans and seeds in their planters and water and feed as instructed. No digging, hoeing or strenuous work required. Compost not included. (But is available at every supermarket known to man!)


Don’t buy the kids an easter egg buy them this kit instead! OK, maybe not … but treat yourself to this amazing veggie kit and you’ll have so much fun growing vegetables on your patio this year that you’ll be hooked by this time next year!