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Thinking about the lawn

by Sarah - March 20th, 2010.
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After a few nice days this week and some mega rain this weekend I suspect by the middle of next week the lawn will be starting to grow again!
So it’s time to plan on how you’re going to treat it this year. Will it be a year of just mow and ignore? Or would you like to have a great lawn this year. If you’re fed up with the grass always being greener on the other side of the hedge then you can find some great lawn products at rolawn to help you.

One of my neighbours actually mowed his law this week. I was seriously impressed at his enthusiasm. He lawn is so well manicured though I think it’s afraid to actually grow out of line.

At rolawn at the moment there’s an offer on to save Ā£5.00 on the Rolawn GroRight Spring Lawn Food Twin Pack! You need to apply this at the right time in early Spring, ideally just before rainfall, when the soil is moist. Avoid windy conditions and frosts so you’ll have to watch out for the weather forecast.The 4kg carton which covers approximately 100 square metres.

If you’ve got a few bare patches where maybe the dogs dug a hole, of the kids wore a patch with their swing (Move the swing!) then you might need to patch up the gaps. Grass seed is the cheapest and easiest method – Rolawn MedallionĀ® Premium Lawn Seed 0.5KG is available online now too. You can patch holes with turf but it takes a lot more effort to do, but you get an instant result!

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