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New products at Thompson and Morgan

by John - March 24th, 2010.
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New lines today at Thompson & Morgan

Begonia Apricot Shades F1 35 plug plants + 19 FREE
Begonia Apricot Shades F1 35 plug plants + 19 FREE £13.99
These begonias will perform whatever the weather. Fill your hanging baskets and patio pots with their radiant sunshine shades. Their abundance of 2½-4 inch extra large and mostly double flowers, in apricot and orange hues. Begonia Apricot Shades will carry on blooming right through hot or cold, wet or dry summers and well into the autumn. Begonia Apricot Shades will create an absoultely stunning display in Flower Pouches™, window boxes and hanging baskets. Unbeatable! Plug plants can be planted straight into Flower Pouches™ but are best potted on first if to be displayed in baskets or pots. Young plants can be planted direct into their final containers and kept frost-free.

Annuals Easy Collection 1 packet
Annuals Easy Collection 1 packet £2.89
Bright and colourful annuals which are simplicity itself to grow. Larkspur Improved, Californian Poppy Mixed, Cornflower Polka Dot Mixed and Candytuft Dwarf Fairy Mixed, separately packed and labelled, showing a saving over purchasing individually. Use them to fill a sunny corner, to brighten up the border or to provide cut flowers for the house. Good for children in their first attempts at gardening. Flowers summer. Height: 15-60cm (6-24in).
Pea : Garden : Dorian (Mr Big) 1 packet
Pea : Garden : Dorian (Mr Big) 1 packet £2.69
Maincrop.The eye-catching, long, broad and straight pods of Pea Dorian are filled with 8 to 10 large, tasty peas hence often known as ‘Mr Big’. Pea Dorian is superb for the showbench, as well as the kitchen, producing a good crop of pods for picking over a long period. Prefers well-drained, moist, rich conditions. Height 75cm (30in). RHS AGM winner.Good source of Vitamins A, C, B1 and folic acid. Peas also contain soluble fibre, useful in removing harmful cholesterol.
Poppy - Annual : Red Pom Poms 1 packet
Poppy – Annual : Red Pom Poms 1 packet £0.69
Attractive bright red, double pom pom flowers stand above sturdy stems of blue-green foliage. Adds a vibrant display to borders, calling out for attention. Height: 60-90cm (24-36 inches).
Vinca : Mediterranean Lilac 1 packet
Vinca : Mediterranean Lilac 1 packet £0.69
The first of a new breed in trailing Vincas! Specifically for baskets and containers they are early flowering with large, rounded, overlapping petals forming striking, vivid blooms.