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New products at Crocus

by Sarah - March 25th, 2010.
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Crocus has these new items today

handy-petrol-mini-tiller £179.99
This mini tiller will fine till your vegetable patch, it will cultivate borders, beds, narrow vegetable rows on either your garden or your allotment.Engine: 2 Stroke 43cc/1.9HP Recoil StartFuel Mix Ratio: 25:1Fuel tank capacity: 1.2L (Run Time 60 mins approx)Tines: 4 x 6 teeth(22.5cm Diameter)Tilling Width: 25cm (10)Tilling Depth: 20cm (8)Weight:15KG

handy-long-handled-hedge-cutter £179.99
This articulated long-reach hedge trimmer is light and powerful, the perfect tool for trimming tall hedges, low ground cover or whatever is between.26cc 2 stroke engineRecoil startAutomatic centrifugal clutchElectronic ignitionDouble-sided 41cm (approx. 16 inch) bladeAdjusts to different positions through 135 degreesWeight 7.6 kg
handy-43cc-petrol-brush-cutter £119.99
This cow horn handled brush cutter features a powerful 43cc engine, for use in the toughest conditions to tackle the toughest of jobs, with power to spare.43cc 2 stroke engineSolid Straight ShaftCentrifugal clutchCow horn handleNylon headMetal bladeGogglesHarnessWeight 7kg
handy-26cc-petrol-brush-cutter £104.99
This straight shaft brush cutter provides plenty of power for most trimming jobs, from edging the garden to clearing the ditch.26cc 2 stroke engineCentrifugal clutchLoop handleNylon headMetal bladeGogglesHarnessWeight 5.5kg
spindle tree
spindle tree £39.99
Position: full sunSoil: any well-drained soilRate of growth: averageFlowering period: May and JuneHardiness: fully hardyA large deciduous shrub, a native of European hedgerows, from which the wood was traditionally used for making spindles. This plant really comes into its own in autumn and winter, when its dark green leaves turn blazing scarlet. Insignificant summer flowers are followed by gorgeous, orange-pink, winged fruit which remain long after the leaves have fallen. Plant it in view of the house, where its vibrant display can be appreciated. It’s also wonderful in a winter border among early-flowering bulbs or shrubs grown for winter interest. The autumn colour is spectacular in full sun, but ‘Red Cascade’ will grow reasonably well in partial shade.Garden care: Tip prune young plants in mid to late spring to encourage bushy growth and apply a generous 5-7cm (2-3in) mulch of well-rotted garden compost or manure around the base of the plant.
Japanese snowball bush
Japanese snowball bush £39.99
Position: full sun or partial shadeSoil: moderately fertile, moist, well-drained soilRate of growth: averageFlowering period: MayFlower colour: whiteHardiness: fully hardyWonderful, white, lacecap-like flowers on horizontally tiered branches in May and toothed, deeply veined, dark-green leaves, turning red-purple in autumn. This beautiful, deciduous shrub makes an excellent specimen plant for a sunny shrub or mixed border. Hardy and easy-to-grow, its distinctive, horizontal habit works particularly well in a Japanese-style garden.Garden care: Keep the pruning of young plants to a minimum. Any vertical shoots that threaten to spoil the distinctive tiered shape of established plants should be cut back to their point of origin in summer after flowering.
handy-budget-saw-horse £24.99
Makes sawing logs easy, strong and stable construction, holds the log so that one person can easily and safely operate the chainsaw.LightweightAll steel constructionFolds flat for storageHolds wood up to 25cm in diameter
clematis (group 2)
clematis (group 2) £14.99
Position: full sunSoil: fertile, well-drained soilRate of growth: averageFlowering period: May to AugustFlower colour: whiteOther features: attractive dark purple stamensHardiness: fully hardyGorgeous single white flowers which are offset by large, domed bosses of deep purple stamens. The flowers appear in late spring or summer amongst the mid-green, semi-evergreen foliage. An excellent climber for a container or to weave up and through a wall shrub.Garden care: Remove dead and damaged stems before growth begins in early spring, cutting all remaining stems back to where strong buds are visible. Apply a slow-release balanced fertiliser and a mulch of well-rotted garden compost around the base of the plant in early spring.
hellebore £10.99
Position: partial shadeSoil: heavy, neutral to alkaline soil, including heavy soilRate of growth: average Flowering period: February to AprilOther features: all parts of the plant cause severe discomfort if ingested; the sap may cause skin irritation; dark greyish-green leaves give off an unpleasant odour when crushedHardiness: fully hardy (borderline)Nodding or outward-facing, double, deep purple-black flowers open in February and last for up to three months. The handsome evergreen foliage is leathery, deeply cut and dark green. This is a new variety of lenten rose and the unusual, purple-black flowers have a dark blue sheen and creamy-yellow centres. They look stunning contrasted with snowdrops. To appreciate their colour, they are best planted in groups at the front of a partially shady mixed border, ideally where they can be seen through windows in winter, or as a ground cover plant for areas of dappled shade under deciduous trees and shrubs. In former times, hellebores were planted close to cottage doors to prevent evil spirits from crossing the threshold.Garden care: A top tip from the Crocus crew is to cut back the old leaves to the ground in January or February. This will show off the emerging flowers to best effect and it also helps to get rid of foliar diseases such as hellebore leaf spot. When planting, add lots of well-rotted leaf mould or organic matter to the planting hole. Apply a generous 5-7cm (2-3in) mulch of well-rotted organic matter around the base of the plant in autumn and provide a top-dressing of general fertiliser each spring.