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Brilliant Offers from Suttons

by Sarah - March 26th, 2010.
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Suttons Seeds and Plants

Suttons Seeds Special offers

1. Half Price Bedding Plants – 220 Plants Only £19.85
The 5 most popular bedding plants
Was £39.85
NOW only £19.85
Don’t miss the opportunity to fill your garden with masses of flowers. This bumper pack offers you a collection of 220 healthy plants of five of our most popular bedding plants, geranium, impatiens, busy lizzie, trailing lobelia and petunia, for only £19.85. A fantastic range at half price and a great value way to fill all those beds, borders, containers and baskets with masses of colour this summer! Perfect for every garden!

Code: 223117 – 220 Plants

2. Summer Bulbs Lucky Dip – Save over 60%
Was £40.00
NOW only £15.00
Save over 60%!

Spring is the best time to plant bulbs; the soil is warming up, giving bulbs the boost they need to emerge from their slumber. So whether you want to replace plants that you lost in the hard winter frosts or you just want to add colour this summer, then don’t despair. This lucky dip contains £40.00 worth of bulbs such as Begonias, Dahlias, Lillies, Gladioli and Calla to fill your beds, borders and pot for a fraction of the price – only £15.00 only!

Code: 213077

3. Grow beautiful hardy orchids in your own garden – Only £14.95 – Buy 2 get 1 Free!
The Queen Lady’s Slipper
(Cypripedium reginae)
Only £14.95 Buy 2 get 1 FREE
Grow these beautiful hardy orchids in your own garden!

Over the last few years the cultivation of the hardy slipper orchid has made great progress. Much simpler to grow, not needing experience and specific growing conditions, meaning you don’t have to be an orchid expert to get a beautiful show in your garden from these spectacular plants. As the plant becomes established in the garden the rhizomes will spread to form spectacular clumps, or if you can’t wait then plant in groups of three or more. The beauty of hardy orchids surpasses many of their tropical cousins, so be warned – growing hardy orchids is addictive!

* Flourish in British gardens
* The root supplied is already six seasons old
* Will flower this summer

Code: 223085 1 Bare Root
Code: 223094 3 Bare Roots – Buy 2 get 1 Free!

4. A most unusual and elegant Hawaiian Palm – £14.95
A unusual and elegant houseplant

Not so very long ago there were only seven Hawaiian palms left in the wild. Nowadays, scientists have set up a great breeding programme to help this amazing plant to survive. They managed to create a beautiful variety suited for indoors. A most unusual and elegant houseplant with a unique story!

* Highly exceptional indoor variety
* Characteristic marked trunk
* Can reach 1 metre

Code: 223099 1 Plant
Code: 223110 3 Plants – Save £9.00

Suttons Seeds Offers

Asparagus Dariana
£4.95 with any Web Order
Spring planting recommended

Asparagus is extremely good for you with high levels of Vitamin A, low in calories and cholesterol! It is also very easy to grow in your own garden. This hybrid variety has performed extremely well in green asparagus trials in France, with high yields of large, mouth-watering spears. This offer will supply you with healthy 1 year plants that will give you home grown asparagus for many years to come.

Code: 250087 – 6 Crowns

1. Aronia Viking

Price: £4.95

2. Asparagus Dariana

£4.95 with any web order
Price: £4.95

3. Bay Tree

HALF PRICE with every order!
Price: £10.00

4. Blueberry Bushes – for less than half price

Three varieties of juicy blueberry plants
Price: £16.95

5. Bumper Easiplant Flower Collection

180 Easiplants for ONLY £29.95!
Price: £29.95

6. Bumper Vegetable Plant Collection

The easy way to grow veg!
Price: £29.95

7. Carrot Norwich Primed Seed

Grows quickly, guarantee a better crop

Buy 2 packs for £5
Price: £2.95

8. Courgette F1 One Ball Plants – SPECIAL OFFER

Price: £3.95

9. Fabulous Fuchsia

15 Plants for £14.95, normally £17.95!
Price: £14.95

10. Go on, Go Pink! – Suttons goes Pink Flower Garden Collection

And help Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Price: £16.95