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Fruit tree sale at Thompson and Morgan

by Sarah - March 29th, 2010.
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If you’ve been toying with the idea of buying a fruit tree but haven’t got round to it yet then why not have a look at the Thompson & Morgan Fruit tree sale

Apple : Cybelle – Double U Cordon – this is a beautiful shaped tree that will make a lovely feature as well as providing delicious apples.

Apple : Cybelle – Single U Cordon

Apple : Red Falstaff – dwarf can be grown in pots.
Apricot : Flavourcot® – grows in UK.
Casseille – cross between blackcurrant and a gooseberry – sounds like it’d make some great puddings and jams!
Chestnut : Sweet Chestnut Regal – ideal for a bigger garden
Currant : Gloire de Sablon – transparent pink colour!
Fig : Brown Turkey – suitable for UK! Delicious!
Fig : Brown Turkey Standard – easy to grow
Fig : Brunswick
Fig : Panachee
Grape : Dornfelder (Black grapes)
Grape : Phoenix (green grapes)
Kiwi : Hardy Kiwi (Actinida arguta)
Nectarine : Necterella
Paw Paw – grows in light shade.
Peach : Avalon Pride
Peach : Bonanza
Pear : Delsanne® – available as Double U Cordon and single U cordon
Pear : Nashi Pear (Asian Pear)
Plum : Pluot® Flavour King
Quince : Lescovaeks
Walnut Lara

An amazing variety of trees on sale. Grow your own!