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Price reductions at GreenFingers

by John - April 2nd, 2010.
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GreenFingers has cut the price of these items

Gutter Guard
Gutter Guard was £3.99 now £3.90
Protect your gutter from getting clogged up with leaves and moss with this Gutter Guard. Made of a thick plastic mesh it allows rainwater to flow through whilst stopping leafs and other unwanted debris. The clips (included) attach to the mesh and then fix under tiles or gutter surrounds.Mesh: 600 x 16cm15 clips included

Bird Scarer Rods
Bird Scarer Rods was £4.99 now £3.99
Bird Scarer Rods are the decorative alternative to persuading birds to fly in the opposite direction! They twirl in the wind and the birds do not know what they are so stay away. A simple idea that does not look unattractive.
BioFume Mole Smokes
BioFume Mole Smokes was £6.49 now £4.99
BioFume Mole Smokes are a clever idea that will deter moles from digging up your soil in your garden or allotment. They contain food grade caster oil that is obtained from the caster plant. When lit the smoke coats the soil in the mole tunnel with a thin layer of caster oil and this act as a barrier between the mole and their food. The mole will then move on to find an alternative food source. It is advisable to use 1 mole smoke for every 3 molehills. They are completely environmentally friendly with no chemicals or traps.Dimensions of product: 5.5 x 6 x 8cm highWeight: 80gPlease note this code is for one Biofume Mole Smokes only
Yeoman Plastic Rake
Yeoman Plastic Rake was £11.99 now £6.99
Durable and lightweight plastic leaf and lawn rake with a high quality splinter-resistant smooth handle
Greenfingers Full Back Cushion - Dark Green
Greenfingers Full Back Cushion – Dark Green was £9.99 now £6.99
Relax on your garden chair in comfort thanks to Greenfingers Full Back Cushion which is dark green in colour and easy to attach due to the straps which fit around your chair. Made from polyester this is perfect for the garden as it is very resilient and quick drying.44cm wide x 93cm highPlease note the chair pictured is not included.
Bird Food Suet Ball Tub Of 50
Bird Food Suet Ball Tub Of 50 was £9.99 now £8.99
These high energy suet balls are perfect for all year round feeding for a wide variety of garden visiting birds
Yeoman Lawn Weed Remover
Yeoman Lawn Weed Remover was £11.99 now £9.99
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Garden Easy Sit and Store
Garden Easy Sit and Store was £12.99 now £11.99
This clever little seat will make some of those awkward gardening jobs much easier. This green storage seat not only has a comfortable seating area but also allows you to keep your tools stored close to hand. The 3 wide wheels help avoid damage to lawns and grass and you will be easily moved with a push of the feet. This is made from strong and durable impact resistant plastic.51 x 35 x 32cm High
Garden Ornament - Meerkat Welcome Sign
Garden Ornament – Meerkat Welcome Sign was £14.99 now £13.99
These cute characters are of an exceptional quality and are sure to make you and your guests feel welcome every time they visit. A great addition to your collection or a good reason to start one and sure to become a talking point! Manufactured from resin this meerkat sculpture is suitable for indoor and outdoor use as it will not crack or chip.18 wide x 28cm high