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New products at Suttons Seeds

by Sarah - April 4th, 2010.
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New product at Suttons Seeds

Electric Pond Vac  - Gardening Equipment  Pond Care
Electric Pond Vac – Gardening Equipment Pond Care £119.95
This super efficient, compact, lightweight, electric pond vacuum will remove dirt and debris from ponds quickly and with minimal effort. Designed to give up to 50% greater suction than a standard pond vacuum, its 80W submersibly pump can run continuously without interruption. Just push the head of the vacuum along the bottom of the pond and place the disposal tube in a container or on a bed and the vacuum will pump debris straight to it saving time. It comes with a wide suction nozzle for large areas and a narrow one for small corners, and has cutter blades in the head to chop up large debris preventing blockages. It has a comfy, adjustable handle which can be extended up to 2m (6’6″) using four sections of aluminium tube provided. All water and toxic waste is removed from the pond to ensure that no harmful pollutants are returned.. . . . . .