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Suttons offers

by Sarah - April 9th, 2010.
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Suttons Seeds amazing offers

Aronia Viking

Price: £4.95

Baby Tree Fern – Dicksonia Antarctia

ONLY £6.95 with any website order!
Price: £6.95

Bay Tree

HALF PRICE with every order!
Price: £10.00

Bestseller Summer Plants Saver Pack

Better than HALF PRICE!
Price: £15.00

Blueberry Bushes – for less than half price

Three varieties of juicy blueberry plants
Price: £16.95

Bumper Easiplant Flower Collection

180 Easiplants for ONLY £29.95!
Price: £29.95

Bumper Vegetable Plant Collection

The easy way to grow veg!
Price: £29.95

Carrot Norwich Primed Seed

Grows quickly, guarantee a better crop

Buy 2 packs for £5
Price: £2.95

Suttons Seeds and Plants

Best seller Summer Plants Saver Pack
Was £35.90 – Now only £15.00
This is better than half price!

Flowering baskets with cascades of flowers always look fabulous and these marvellous summer plants are about as good as it gets. Surfinias create a massive cascade of weather-resistant flowers and Giant Fuchsias have amazing double-flowered blooms 7.5cm (3″) across. Both of them also look great trailing out of tall tubs. With this better than half price offer, you will have flamboyant blooms in sumptuous mixed colours all summer long.

Code: 250175 – Delivered as 30 Garden Ready Plants – 15 each of Petunia Surfinia Mixed and Giant Double Flowered Fuchsia.

Super Value Classic Bedding Pack
Was £23.80 – Now only £9.95
Save over 50%!

Impatiens are the ultimate bedding plants, loved for their long-lasting blooms.
Also known as Busy Lizzies, they love British summers as they thrive in the shade! Stocks are a staple of the classic flower bed, their sweet fragrance making these easy-to-grow plants a favourite among gardeners. This classic Bedding Pack combines these two favourites in a great value pack, there no better value way to fill your borders this summer.

Code: 250214 – Delivered as 180 Miniplants, 90 each of Mixed Impatiens and Stocks

Peat Pot Multi-Pack plus veg or flower seed packet
All for just £11.95!
Half Price!

Get seeds, cuttings and plug plants off to a flying start with this money-saving pack of 168 biodegradable peat pots. When plants get too big for these neat little pots their roots will grow through the pots and you can move the plants, pots and all, into their final positions in containers or the garden – there’s no messing about and the plant’s fragile root system will not be disturbed. This pack also contains 5 packets of vegetable or flower seed!

Code: 581857 Multi-Pack + Veg Seeds
Code: 581864 Multi-Pack + Flower Seeds