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New products at RawGarden

by Sarah - April 15th, 2010.
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New items added today at RawGarden

Kids Mini Picnic Table  - FSC 100% SA-COC-002234
Kids Mini Picnic Table – FSC 100% SA-COC-002234 £53.99
The new and improved Kids Mini Picnic Table is finally here!This table is perfect for schools, nurseries, child-minders or even for your own back garden.Think of the fun your children will have playing outside in the sunshine and throwing tea parties, while you can rest assured that the rounded corners and non-protruding bolts will prevent any injuries from bumps or knocks.The table is made from a 28mm thick tantalised pine, providing extra strength and durability.Specifications:Ground to seat height: 25cmTimber thickness: 28mmDelivery usually within 1-3 working days by courier

Parachute Panda
Parachute Panda £15.99
Parachute Panda is prepped and ready go! Hes on a mission to fly above the clouds and you can help him get there. All you need to do is attach the flying line to his harness and hes off!This little fella is perfect for kids and makes a great gift idea with a bit of a twist!Delivery usually within 1-3 working days by courier
Garden Lanterns (Pack of Six)
Garden Lanterns (Pack of Six) £7.99
Due into stock around the first week of MayWhether youre hosting a garden party or just having a romantic dinner outside with your loved one, these Garden Lanterns will certainly brighten up your evening. To use, just open them up and place them on a flat surface. Add some sand, grit or small pebbles to weigh them down and then add the included tea-light in to the centre. These Lanterns are made from a flame-retardent, heavy duty paper. Delivery usually within 1-3 working days by courier
Flame Disk
Flame Disk £6.99
Its a beautiful sunny day and the family are over for a BBQ…. uhoh…. youve been trying to get it started for ages but it just wont light! Save yourself the embarrassment of keeping everyone waiting with the new Flame Disk. Its easy to start one-match-lighting technique means you can begin sizzling your sausages within 3 minutes of lighting. It lasts for up to 40 minutes and it leaves no soot or ash, meaning no mess to clear up after. The Flame Disk will make for the perfect BBQ this Summer, and can also be used in your fire pit to keep you toasty during the Winter too. Sound like the ideal must-have accessory for your garden! SpecificationsEasy to transport and storeSimple one-match-lightingCools down quicklyNo soot, ash or cleaningCooks for 40+ minutesEnsures flame-grilled flavour90% fewer pollutants than charcoal and lighter fluid Delivery usually within 1-3 working days by courier