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by Sarah - April 19th, 2010.
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Mantis UK is a well known name in the garden!
Mantis Garden Tiller
Free Postage. 1 year
in-home trial Includes
Border Edger,

Mantis 4-Stroke Tiller
This is one of those garden must haves for anyone with a decent size garden. If you want to turn over the soil then one of these is just what you need. It’ll make your life so much easier and you’ll wonder why you ever spent all those hours digging over the soil when one of these does the entire garden in less than an hour!

FREE Border Edger Attachment and Kickstand when you purchase the Mantis 4-Stroke Honda-Powered Tiller/Cultivator. Plus FREE Owners Video.
One year in-home trial; money back guarantee plus -The Mantis Tiller is backed by a FIVE-YEAR warranty, plus a lifetime warranty on the tines against breakage
Perfect for raised beds, and gardens of all sizes.
Digs down 10 inches.
Easy to start, easy to operate. Weighs only 24 pounds (11 kg) making is easy to carry about
No fuel mixing required!!
So small and compact you can use it anywhere.
Cuts through hard sod, compact soil or tangly weeds.
Fun to use! This is a real boys toy for the garden!
Weed a 30′ x 40′ garden in just 20 minutes!
Fold-down handles for convenient storage.
Great optional attachments and accessories available.
Fold-down handles for convenient storage.
So versatile, you’ll use it throughout the entire gardening season. You can use it between rows as the digging width is only 22cm – idea if you want to squeeze another row of something in the veg plot. Just dig it over and it’s ready for a quick rake and plants.
The edger looks perfect if you like neat edges around your lawn too. No more half moon edging and all that effort!

one of these tools makes gardening so much less effort – if you’ve just started on a new garden, or have been given an overgrown allotment plot one of these will make the whole thing effort free. You could spend hours and hours digging over the soil but one of these soil tilllers from Mantis is so much easier to do.
You will be the envy of your neighbours too!